Climate Change-We Must Be Sure of the Facts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Sorry this is a bit late but I just read it in the Prospect online magazine and thought it worth re-posting


  2. JJH,


    This climate crap already has it's own mind fuckingly boring thread all to itself.

    It's that fucking boring that my mouse refuses to paste in the link for it.
  3. Most rational people are already aware of the facts :?
    Isn't there a massive thread on this already :?
    Edited - Beaten by BPS666 :oops:
  4. So sorry to disturb your afternoon siestas. While there may well be another thread in general, the point of this post (and as so wonderfully underscored by your prompt broadsides) is that the facts are not well known or understood. IMHO, that is the problem with this subject generally--we continue to be told by some that all the facts are in, when it is apparent that they are far from it. Now you can resume your sleep. :D
  5. So JJH, you didn't feel the need to just tack this on the end of the extensive climate change hoax thread? Perhaps you might kindly ask the Mods to do so, or we can just waste space and time abusing you in here instead. :?
  6. As is my custom, I humbly defer to the more accomplished ARRSERS as to such minor administrative details I would previously have merely delegated to my batman since as a senior OC receiving the "big bucks" I only troubled myself with thinking "big thoughts." :D

    In any event, please do not waste further (extremely valuable) time or energy slagging me here as there is such a target rich environment on other threads for that.
  7. So Roddy Campbell raises an interesting point. Do we listen to the vast overwhelming number of climatologists and scientists that this does exist and is man made? That maybe the ppm of CO2 currently being about 380 (from an average of 250 ppm before the last fifty years) is maybe a problem?

    Or do we listen to a Fund Manager writing in an online current affairs magazine?

    I will certainly rush home and start burning coal, now.
  8. Yes that "vast overwhelming number of climatologists and scientists" sure have settled all the debate as reflected here for example:

    Make sure the coal is low sulfur will you. :D
  9. JJH, I hereby accuse, and convict you of being bored, spoiling for a fight, devoid of new information and in need of punishment. I therefore direct you to read this in it's entirety where this thread is going before you thieve any more internet oxygen on the issue.

    I'm off to go knit some yoghurt.
  10. As my point has obviously been driven deeply home, I hereby yield the floor..... :D
  11. Ah a quote from the Daily Mail. Truly, a last act of a desperate man. :D

    P.S. The correct spelling is Sulphur - you septic git.

    By the way - one of your countrymen who does know how to write - Friedman - has an excellent book out - called "Hot, Flat and Crowded".

    I would heartily recommend it.
  12. As usual, I cannot win.. when I went to the trouble to include alternate spellings i was accused of Brit-bashing. The DM is when I last checked a Brit paper--similar articles appeared the same day in the others as well.

    Tell you what, I will read that book if you will reciprocate with one of my choosing.

    But in any event, I must get off this thread as I am keeping other ARRSERS from their naps and yog(h)urt.
  13. You not gone yet? :)
  14. You mean Global Warming/Climate Change is a myth? I wish someone had told me about that.