Climate Change: Scientists Say "Last Chance"

Expert opinion heard on the BBC yesterday:
"An area of land the size of Australia will need to be taken out of food production and turned over to carbon capture".
Not sure that one's a runner.
Land also needed for wind farms, solar farms, house building, distribution centers, road expansion,the odd extra runway and in the UK to produce extra food and flowers so we do not have to fly said flowers and veg/fruit half way across the globe. Problem with land is they do not make it any more.
I don't want to get into this, but kind of feel the necessity to comment.

CO2 increases the heat capacity of the atmosphere. Atmosphere warms up, partly because of fossil fuel burning giving out heat and more CO2

CO2 also causes acidification of the oceans = less fish,plankton etc

More heat means more evaporation of sea water = more rain, but not where you want / expect it and in much larger quantities. Floods, mudslides etc

Ozone depletion = more harmful UV rays, more weather effects.

Root cause for all of these = too many humans being greedy with resources.


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Without reading every post in this thread, would I be correct in stating that I am not alone in believing that 'climate change' is b*******?
There's no b0llocks about climate change, but there's lots of b0llocks about man-made climate change.
Apologies if it's been posted earlier in the thread:

Last Chance (Note the date)
Gordon Brown will warn today that the world is on the brink of a "catastrophic" future of killer heatwaves, floods and droughts unless governments speed up negotiations on climate change before vital talks in Copenhagen in December.
This applies to the US as much as anyone, he will say, adding that "there is no plan B", and that agreement cannot be deferred beyond the UN-sponsored Copenhagen conference.
Copenhagen climate talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown
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As it stands, Renewables are a busted flush and have caused no end of problems for controlling the nation's Electricity output. The UK law says you must keep energy output and demand within 10% of each other.
You can't turn Turbines on and off like a light switch in response to your renewables in the Generation mix, producing too little energy at the drop of a hat, such as when the wind speed drops off, or at the appearance of a cloud bank. Those heavy turbines take a bit of time to run up to constant speed and a consistent Frequency. If you were to have 25% of your production made up from P.V. What do you think it'll produce at night and how short are you going to be of your output for demand when it's dark outside?
Hence since the false dawn of Renewables (under Blair's government,), why we have had to install huge banks of D.C storage batteries (not green) and why we've had to install numbers of ancillary Diesel Turbines (definitely not green) to top up output, when renewables let the U.K. down.
As for the strategic wisdom of sharing Electricity with France and Holland whose peak demand times are out of synch with us, meaning we don't have to start shutting down too much production, too quickly (and neither do they,) I'm not so sure that's a good idea. There is talk of sharing with other countries further east to exploit the peak demand time difference even further, thus we may end up relying on other countries for a percentage of your own power output at certain time frames of the day? So we find ourselves trying to build Nuclear Power Stations which we've forgotten how to build and are getting bent over by the Chinese and French for it. Whilst all the time, we've sat on all that coal. Europe's biggest Coal reserves are under the Cotswold's. We were world leaders in filters and scrubbers for Coal Burning power stations and we are still burning it at our biggest power station at Drax.
Feeding Renewables into the grid has caused massive problems and the solutions have been far from Green, but at least the government were able to Tax the **** out of us all to pay for that experiment. Now that bubble is deflating, I expect the next Green inspired scam of the public will be along soon, on the back these announcements of the end of the World.
Saw something on the TV yesterday about the sheer amount of smog covering some major city in China, then it panned to one of their factories churning out god knows what. Hard to tell exactly what it was about because the sound was turned down and we were having a much more important conversation about the best fish and chip shops in the area...

But it got me thinking. We have:

1. China producing millions of tons of toxic waste, churning out electronic products, cheap plastics, etc, running the vast majority of their plants on fossil fuels.

2. Japan overfishing the sea.

3. America producing cars with massive engines that do 8mpg and everyone except the really poor people over there drive (hence why their public transport systems are usually full of hobos). And Air Force Once flying the Orange One around the world.

4. Our own politicians turning up to these climate change meetings in big Jaguars, private jets etc.


Apparently it's all my fault. Because, if I turn that little standby light off on the TV and swap all the bulbs in my house for those ones that take an hour to actually do anything, we'll save the world.
No it is not your fault because you cannot change things on your own.
It is our politicians fault for not having the guts to understand the problem.
It is like with the 2007 crash, everyone I knew expected it and were not surprised but Blair/Brown even when given 6 months notice continued merrily on their way until it happened.
OK I know Blair ran away before hand but you get my point.


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Two faces of the PM - on the one hand trying to convince us that the 'Just About Managing' have to be looked after and whining about capping power companies' bills; on the other these bills loaded with all sorts of Green nonsense like Smart Meters, which are broadly no use at all and are NOT 'free' - their cost is buried in the companies' overheads and pads out our bills. Paying for this nonsense is bad enough without the patronising and duplicit voiceover.
Thanks for the kind welcome.
We will have to agree to disagree as to the conclusions of the OP. My own belief is the "climate change movement" is yet another of the world's religions where its adherents rest their beliefs on faith rather than science.

I see barely any difference between the current climate pornographers and religious maniacs of old who paraded around with sandwich boards like this.
There has been quite a bit of new research done on using alternative renewable materials that are beneficial in more efficiently cleaning up CO2, growing faster and proving to be multi-purpose.

Some interesting facts on Bamboo.
Good points chaps, there is one huge elephant you will hear no country mention: Average world fuel consumption by aircraft in 2018..94 billion gallons, each gallon giving aprox 0.01 tons of co2. That's nearly 1 billion tons of co2, at 30,000 feet. If you are happy to inject so much into the atmosphere at that height could you at least stop blaming the poor cow.
Carbon capture Syngas?

Anyone got any real world knowledge? Plenty of google fodder but some might be on the inside and can shed some real light on its prospects.
Two faces of the PM - on the one hand trying to convince us that the 'Just About Managing' have to be looked after and whining about capping power companies' bills; on the other these bills loaded with all sorts of Green nonsense like Smart Meters, which are broadly no use at all and are NOT 'free' - their cost is buried in the companies' overheads and pads out our bills. Paying for this nonsense is bad enough without the patronising and duplicit voiceover.
I've got a sneaky feeling Smart Meters are going to be all about changing consumer demand, and the green nonsense around it is a smokescreen

When enough people have them, Electricity companies will have better information on where and when demand is 24/7 and can go towards a more dynamic pricing model punishing consumers more for peak time usage

This will be encouraged by the government as spare capacity has been dropping as Nuclear and Coal powered stations have been retired without enough replacement capacity coming on stream

I'm sure it will be sold as saving the planet, but really it will be about buying time until the government can fudge a solution to the coming energy crisis
Difficult one to address in many countries. The Orange One in the White House refuses to acknowledge the issue. Meanwhile, religious fundamentalists are still trying to outbreed each other, safe in the knowledge that their gods will provide.

Find me the politicians in all those cases with the sphericals to tell it like it is.
When the Chicoms and India stop the wholesale polluting then jump on trump. until then anything he or the US does is nothing in comparison
I see we're supposed to stop eating beef too according to the BBC, plus they're predicting we'll no longer need natural gas by 2040, though feck knows what will replace it for home heating & all in a couple of decades too. It sure as shit ain't sugar won't be electricity unless the price halves & we build 10 more nuclear power stations between now & then.

Still no mention by the MSM of a need to reduce, never mind stabilise the global population...

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