Climate change sceptics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. There are at least two of us.
  2. I'm not against cleaner fules and less pumping out of crud into the air, just the horrible reiterance of the 'Greens' of various mangled data sets and the total lack of understanding of the subject matter. Not that I ujderstand the raw science, but if like me you always try and get both sides of the story, they clearly do not.
  3. That's a great stance. If in 50 years we haven't had catastrophic floods and droughts you can sit back smugly claiming you knew it was rubbish all along. And if we do you'll probably still claim it's nothing to do with man. Good for you.
  4. When I was a kid it was all acid rain (when we weren't going to get a bucket of instant sunshine), then it was rain forests followed by global warming followed by climate change. I've had enough, the world's been about to end for years, I personally think we should be a bit more creative with the next one, like an earth moon crash or something.
  5. Climate change is going to happen with or without the aid of the human race (as it has happened through out 4 billion years), the green this green that is not to preserve the planet but the human race the 2 are not the same. The planet will still carry on spinning on its axis long after we have all died out, it is how quickly we hasten that demise that is the crux of the question.

    So is this for the planets benefit or ours. I bet it is the latter.
  6. What about El Nino? You forgot El Nino! :roll:
  7. Well I am quite prepared to be called a luddite,but I think that this Climate change is a load of propoganda,within an agenda.

    If you notice for a start that Global Warming has changed to Climate Change as they are now hedging thier bets just in case the weather gets wetter and,who would have thought that the climate could possibly become warmer or maybe colder or even stay the same in the coming decades.....maybe we should think up a new name now in case the weather doesnt climate change... Climate Stagnation ??

    I am sure we are not helping the planet with our pollution and It must surely be a case survival as a species soon in regards to toxins and over population etc,but compared to natural events we are but a tiny percent.....remember that massive smoke spewing volcanoe last year?

    Another thing that gets right up my arsse is how come we abide by the rules and set targets and penalise motorists....and the most polluting countries just do as they please.We could all ride hamster powered bycicles and eat nothing but lentils in the UK,but if China and America carry on as they is worse than pointless.

    Even we all abide by the same rules and regulations or we dont,there is no halfway house.

    Food and money for Africa,money to stop the rainforest getting cut down,money to teach some tribe not to burn each other as fuel....complete arrse.
  8. When did the last ice age end? Was it anything to do with my F@cking car or motorbike? And has there been more than one ice age? And did it warm up a bit in between them? And did all that happen without the aid of mankind?

    Global warming/climate change is going to happen. It always did and it always will.

    Now polution is a different, and real, problem that we should all be focusing on, as is the potential for our natural resources to run out.
  9. That seems a pretty reasonable attitude. It's mine too, by the way. It's a natural occurrence.

    What I do miss, however, is that the human race appears oblivious to it and tries to carry on as if it's not there and will make no difference, when, in my opinion, we should be preparing for it and adjusting to it.

  10. When historians write the history books in a few hundred years time, they will write long tracts on the psuedo-scientific, quasi-religious collective insanity called 'climate Change' that gripped the world at the beginning of the 21st Century.
  11. These gang of climaxterists looks as a religious sect indeed

  12. I'm sceptic too - the whole thing is a 'con'. Twenty five years ago we were being warned about the return of an Ice-Age.

    With Brown 'in-charge' it is an ideal opportunity to raise some more taxes.
  13. Global precession affects temperature change i.e earth tilting on its axis towards and away from the sun. Written records have only been kept for the past few hundred years, Earth is roughly 6.2 billion years old(give or take a few million) and scientists have discovered many hot and cold spells throughout earths history. Are we really affecting it that much?

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