Climate change fascism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Its a real load of twaddle to begin with! For an Earth thats supposedly warming the last few years have in fact been cooler then the hottest year which was 2000.

    Similarly when you compare predicted temperatures compared to what has happened they haven't held. I'm not saying global warming is rot (though I strongly lean towards the skeptical side) I'm just saying its a damn site more complicated then most hippies and environmental zealots make out.
  2. Global warming doesn't mean it will get warner everywhere. It will get cooler in the Uk because of the impact of ice sheet melt on the Gulf Stream which helps regulate climate.That's why they dont call it global warming anywhere...climate change instead.
  3. If you think that the climate change myth can be busted, after the amount of money that's been invested in creating first the problem and then the answers, you're very much mistaken. That's not to mention all the interested parties politically who would rather be neutered than lose face by admitting that it's all a load of rowlocks.

    Stand well back for the inevitable knee-jerk from the gullible.

    I refer the honorable readers to - among others.
  4. Neither knee-jerk, nor gullible.... it's just that, if you remove the comma from the end of that link it may be of some use to people.
  5. You're right, although it's not a problem I've ever encountered elsewhere. So edited.
  6. This whole Global Warming thing is a load of bollox.

    Take the weather for example.

    This week we've had some snow, and the weather people say that it's the worst snow for 30 years. Now, call me a cnut, but how can they blame global warming if we had worse snow 30 years ago..?

    Also, the migratory birds. A couple of months back some bird watchers proclaimed that we are seeing dwindling numbers of certain species of birds, and that the numbers haven't been that low for some 40 years, need I say more.

    Obviously 30 -40 years ago Global warming wasn't a factor. So just cause we've had some rainny summers and some cold winters, why the feck is it all of a sudden because of Global Warming...?

    Bunch of arrse.
  7. Too much has been spent on preventing climate change, too many jobs depend on it for governments to admit that its approach is a bag of sh1t. Perhaps the climate is changing; good, I'd be quite worried if a natural process which has been happening for 14 billion years suddenly stopped.

    If it was really preventable, we wouldn't be p1ssing around trying to control carbon dioxide emissions when any chemist with an IR spectrometer (common at universities these days) could tell you that water vapour is hundreds of times more energy-absorbant. But breathing can't be taxed, and the government would look very stupid if the hydrogen fuel cells it has ploughed a fortune into are found to be just as bad for the climate. Instead we'd do something useful.

    Maybe the recession will encourage the government to ditch the scientific yes-men and focus on something more important...
  8. It's a well known fact. The bigger your family, the more of a drain you are on the environment and the more f*cking annoying you are in fast food restaurants.
  9. Nail on the Head .
  10. I think have been, and will be, some important scientific findings brought about by the funding for climate change (the hydrogen fuel cell for one) but I don't actually believe in man made climate change.

    My personal opinion is that the whole cut down on co2 emissions is more about saving fossil fuel (as we all know it won't be there forever) than saving the planet.

    Only my opinion and I standby to have sticks thrown at me by the pro climate change folks amongst us.
  11. Ration Flights...!

    Does that Jumped Up Cnut not understand the meaning of a Free and Democratic Country. If that's the kind of shite that they are going to come out with they should all be sent to live in Afghanistan and then see how they like oppersion. Cnuts.
  12. Right, let's get this nonsense sorted.

    Global warming / climate change, if it exists, means that:

    1. We get long, hot summers.

    2. We get short, mild winters.

    3. Sea levels rise and Holland is flooded.

    What's wrong with that?