Climate Camp- Kingsnorth Power Station Kent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Office_Linebacker, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Just hope that after these Neo-Tree-Huggers and Dope-Smoking-Liberal-Lefties and others of that Ilk clean up after them when they finally leave. Do any Torys get to these venues?

    Other Protest Camps have been left to local citizens and Council Workers to clean up the shite stained underpants, dirty nickers, booze cans, butt ends of spliffs, broken Bongs and other crap to be cleared up! 8O

    ... oops! Is this because I am jealous and full of skepticism becasue I did not become a dope-smoking-lefty-tree-hugger during the 1960s and 1970s. I was just a common sojdier - a war-monger and a whore-monger, and a drinker iof fine Ales and other stuff!! :D :D :)
  2. Arthur Scargill (remember him?) was there yesterday.Telling anyone who would listen that we should re-open the closed mines,and open new ones,as this would provide us with coal,oil and gas for the next 1000 years!
  3. damn crusties being difficult - see that bloke pushing the officer's shield then whingeing when he gets some contact therapy back!
  4. I read about this previously, the protestors when interviewed fully admitted they were willing to break the law to try and shut it down. The police removed bolt croppers and climbing from the site and the protesting scum turned around accusing the police of taking equipment vital to health and safety. First aid kit, fresh water, socks, bolt croppers.

  5. I don`t get you guys. These people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, rather than sitting on line moaning about the state of the country all the time.

    Weren`t the boys in blue heroes laying into them, though. The only people the police want to take on is peaceful protestors. Shame they aren`t brave enough to deal some out on our streets anymore.

    I wouldn`t believe the stuff about offensive weapons either. A bike padlock and chain? The guy wanted to lock his bike up, I imagine.
  6. Fuck off Harry the hippy
  7. nice wind up harry, now fcuk off.
  8. Taking after one's Father are we?
  9. Ever felt a Dick harry? You are all about why this country is struggling with hand wringing,liberal tossy type opinion of why the world owes you something. Good people, nay,superb people gave their lives for your right to freedom. Not your right to be complete peni of the highest order. I for one ,love to see the scum who don't protest peacefully, receiving a face full of round shield deterrent, come persuasion, to do what the feck is firstly asked of you and then ignored as per your wet right to do so.
    Absolutely looking forward to seeing much more of the same on Saturday. Please feel free to be as violent as you see fit. You and your shitty ilk that is.
  10. tee hee
  11. Peaceful protestors who turn up with bolt croppers and climbing equipment and fully intending on breaking the law. Go suck a c*ck.
  12. Anyone up for a trip to watch the "Day of action"?

    I'm hoping the hippies start a fight with the police, should make for good viewing.
  13. I noticed that amongst the 'weapons' recovered were what appears to be crimping tools and a board game entitled 'War on Terror'. These people are just sooooo dangerous!

    By the way, what the flying fuck is "a replica throwing star"? Are they trying to say it is not a real star? Does it only pretend to get thrown? Or is it a blunt polygram with no discernible function?
  14. Latest estimates are that this 'camp' will cost the taxpayer £7million.
    Plod from 27 Constabularies being dragged in to cover the event.
    Nice one.