Clicking Knee

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Wedgy, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Ok where's Morty when you need him?

    I've stepping my fitness up in preperation for my main board, I currently run between 3-5 miles 3-4 times a week. I've got brand spankers proper running shoes and do break my routine up with low impact cycling and swimming but recently my knees have started clicking when I'm walking or getting up. There's no pain when they click and it's when I first take a step and no aching at all but it's never happened before!

    So what I need to know is, is this normal or do I have to take precationary steps to protect them?
  2. That is how my now small time arthritus started, sorry to scare you but thats how it starts (in my case anyway) get it checked out, I run the same amount as you and am 42 y.o.
  3. my knees,elbows and ankles all click look fook!

    TBH i wouldnt worry too much about it till you start to feel any pain from it.
  4. try takin some cod liver oil tablets

    they help with things like stiff/clickin joints
  5. Im only 23!
  6. How's good is your flexibility/mobility? Try Runners World for more info if you are in doubt. Don't expect instant results but 6-8 weeks should be enough to make progress. Try an all-round stretching programme and don't neglect your back, hips and IT band (this is the usual cause of clickiness for me)

    Investing time in this now will pay dividends in making your training more effective and general injury prevention

    Also you could try some glucosamine suphate (sp?) from your local health show

    Good luck
  7. My flexibility's not to bad I'm 23 and 6ft 2 but nothing else joint wise is giving me any cause for concern. I think I might just stick with my well if it's not hurting what's the damage bother it off attitude I'm sure there will be things that actually give me gip that I have to run through in the future !!
  8. At that time of a morning i'm staggering about trying to get dressed and stubbing my toe on things.

    If there's no pain and it's not affecting your running, then i'd be thinking the same as you, i.e if it's not hurting then no probs. I'm sure this isn't the right thing to do though, but then there's that catch 22 about going to see your GP about it and the Army looking dimly at this. If it's really bothering you, someone suggested seeing a private specialist as they have no right to demand to see your medical record off your GP, therfore any consultations or treatment you recieve will NOT appear on your medical notes. Result!

    I also take cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate, and since my trouble with me knee back in May i've had no probs. They probably not a miracle cure but they can't do much harm can they? Hope it sorts itself out in time!
  9. I fractured my knee when I on an ACFT about two three years ago. I was told by the physio I have arthritus (Although she said she wasn't qualified to tell pax that!) in the fractured knee.

    About a year after that, I started getting pain in the other knee - a scan showed the miniscus was wearing away, because I was leaning too much on the other knee.

    Both of my knees have only started to click since I had those problems.

    But, I know from the phsysio I had, and an FA sports injuries treatment and management course I did, that by building up the front muscle (forget what it's called - bicep femoreus?) that my problem can be improved, as it pushes the knee cap out - meaning it will not catch as much.

    Maybe it would be worth seeing a private physio, who maybe able to advise you on some exercises.

    Good Luck,

  10. as Morty pointed out though
    they do work ;)
  11. My toes click. Always have. Never known why!
  12. Thanks for all the advice fella's.

    I've got some of the good sh1t (glucosamine sulphate) winging it's way to me so I'll throw that down my neck and crack on with the exercises, if it gets any worse it looks like it's a trip to the private docs for me but I'll keep you posted!
  13. I once had a similar problem to this.

    Please try this website. It worked for me:

    All the best

  14. I got the same problem when I was 35, went to see an RAF medic who popped an elastic bandage on, gave me a couple of brufen and told me it would go away in a couple of days. I`m now 43 and it hasn`t gone away.It only gets marginally better in the summer months for some reason, winters are a bugger I hobble around like an OAP if its cold and damp. I`d suggest that you give the training a break and if you`ve got to run do it on grass or you will probably suffer when you`re older. 8O
  15. My joints click like hell too. My knee clicks so loud you can hear it echoing in the corridor!

    I wouldn't worry mate. If there's no pain, swelling, locking or giving-way of your knee then there's nothing immediately wrong with it. Concentrate on training correctly, stretching well and using cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate. Cod liver oil is meant to help with production of synovial fluid and glucosamine is shown to help in repair and maintenance of the cartilage. It is the cartilage discs in the knee that cause most problems in terms of locking etc. Around 20-25% of people respond favourably to glucosamine*, the rest show no change, but there are no real side effects so it's worth a shot. (*from a study on old biddies with arthritis, can't remember which one)