Clicking Joints

Does anyone suffer from clicking joints ? E.g. elbows clicking when doing press ups or knees clicking when peforming squats?

My right knee clicks really bad like a grinding noise when i pefrom a squat, has anyone had a medical at adsc with a similar problem and been rejected?

It is because of when i broke my knee years ago as to why it does this, however when I squat say just before you get the 90 degree angle its fine, shall I risk not going the full way to stop the doctor hearing the clicks? Or will this not be a problem?
I'm no expert but mine click all the time, elbows, knees, shoulders ankles and hips.

Never stopped me tabbing or grafting.....

Don't know what causes it though. Maybe grindidng is not so good?

Try and cover it up as best you can, 'cos you know they will do your ass on the medical. But really, if they defer you for it, you *should* be able to appeal... let's hope anyway ;)
Yep clicking elbows when press ups, clicking wrists when rotate, click all over lol, on my medical i tried to cover it up by slight coughs or sniffing lol but i got a full check over of my joints etc and i was medically sound on them, a few lads in my room said about them having it too one panicked and said "this doesnt normally happen!" but its fairly common and doesnt stop me doing anything its just the shitty human structure :)



My elbows and ankles used to click all the time, but the more phys i did in training the less they clicked, got used to it i guess.

However, if you have a real problem you should probably sort it before joining. Will your knee withstand a half an hour "haunches" session?
How old are you by the way? I'm 26 and seem to click more as I get older! LOL Still no problem though. Might be a problem if i'm trying to sneak up on an enemy!

Well the knee is 100% never have any problems or pain with it, for example on sunday i went for a 6mile run followed by 2 hours of rugby and had no probs at all, it just clicks alot from the when i broke it.
Yeah i will vouch for fish oil. Take EPA omega 3 , not cod liver oil. It's in capsules so no taste.

i wouldn't worry about your knee, especially with the amount of phys you are doing with no pain.

Take "cod liver and glucosamine" tablets.

I crack, clunk, grind and fcuk like crazy where I have old injuries. They take the edge of it for me. For people with less serious clicking it will remove most of it, especially any sharp pain you may experience. If you experience no pain then make sure to say that; most doctors are well aware the most clicking is harmless
Careful with glucosamine, I used to take that also, and it does work, but I had to stop taking it as it made me feel unwell and constipated.

Best of luck mate you will be fine.

Clicking joints is caused by lax tendon sinew and affects lots of people irrespective of age. It's not a medical problem and will not bar you from joining up. If there is no pain then there is no problem. It's not something that can be cured or resolved either so learn to love your clicky joints..
All my joints make a right row, from my neck to my ankles. It doesn't really bother me so I've never thought about taking anything for it. I wouldn't imagine it would effect you getting into the army... if it does, I'll be f*cked.
My ankles click every now and then... but only when I've been sitting for a while, watching telly, etc. And it's not painful at all, it's just a click...and that's it! I'm feeling it at my age....18 years..! Why back in my youth...

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