Click it

12 .... i think either my mouse is broke or my finger is!
Funnily enough the corporate big brother won't let me access, will have to wait for home!!!
39. 446 would be over 44 clicks a second (44.6 for the maths spaz's). That can't be right.
A sad 28...


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That's over 40 movements a second, I don't think so.


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30 which puts me on the score board as 92nd equal.
flowers said:

Finger aches now!

(thank god for vibrators....!)
I don't care how strong your fingers are. As long as your wrists are up to scratch.
#20 must have practised finger(s)

a measly 29..however at the regulation pace of 116 paces per minute and observing the regulation pause.......

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