Cliché Thread

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by SuperTrooper, May 4, 2006.

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  1. There's load of them we've all heard. I am collecting them so please feel free to continue below:

    Arse like a wizards sleeve/clowns pocket like a blind coblers thumb

    i am sure there's loads to be added to my collection :D
  2. here ya go troop:
    face like a slapped arse.
    face like a bulldog licking the pish off a stinging nettle
    tits like two saddle bags
    evrybody has the right to be ugly but she abuses that right.
    will let you have more as i remember/hear them. :twisted:
  3. Mouth as dry as a nun's cnut.
    Face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
    Face like a duck's arrse.
  4. Mouth like the inside of a shit smugglers duffle bag
  5. The Prime Minister has complete confidence in -
  6. more faces than the kirk clock
    seen thicker legs hanging out a sparrows nest
    couldnt score in a whore house with a £50 note wrapped round his/your c0ck
    mouth as dry as ghandi's flip flop
    sweating like a rapist in a school playground
  7. face like fire damaged lego!
    Set on fire and put out with a spade. - WUOTC!
    face like a bag full of spanners.
    Cock like a sock full of conkers.
  8. My entries for posterity........

    She has a face that would scare a police horse :p

    They could talk a glass eyeball to sleep :p

    As well organised as a Mexican police station :p

    Also following a large curry, the inevitable and dangerous windy consequences I think I have drawn mud from the well 8O :p

    She has a flange like a dripping axe wound 8O :D

    Instructions to reduce the amount of salad to local vendor of kebabs..Oi stavros go easy on the camouflage! :D
  9. Sweating like Gary Glitter in a Vietnamese courtroom.....
  10. Sweating like Michael Jackson on a trolley dash in an orphanage......
  11. Tighter than a duck's arrse.
    Looking rougher than a badger's arrse.

  12. Lie Lie Lie... well, at least it wasn't tight after I'd finished with it :D anyone else going to confess to dabbling in animal love?
  13. She had breath like a shhit smugglers duffle bag...........

    He went down like a maiden on a crawl.....

    Edited because the Shhit came out all runny, and the maidens still not come up for air..
  14. Sweating like a paedo in mothercare...
  15. Her Ass has more crack than Harlem.
    So Fat her belt is put on with a boomerang.
    Sweating like a black man on a rape charge in Alabama.
    Emptier than a Hermits Address Book.
    Face Like a Bulldog licking piss off nettles.
    So mean if he was a ghost he wouldnt give you a fright.