clf speaks on new redundancies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape560, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Happened with the Police too.

    Redundancies then received invites to join the Specials.

    In MoD terms it makes sense, a lot of good blokes are leaving and they have lots of expensive skills and experience. They could just disappear in to civvie street and never use the skills for the benefit of the forces again (including the reg reserve), or could provide value to TA units.
  2. I can see why you would if taking it personally. But accept it as necessary change then joining the reserves is a bonus, especially with the financial initiative for doing so. You could also do a completely different role, which might appeal to some.
  3. Rock ape: how about all those who volunteered? They may wish to join?
  4. Once all the tranches have done their damage I'd like to see the tangible stats on how many signed up for the AR.

    All in all the bigger picture is asking a lot of firms to recruit in these tough times, many are struggling to even retain their current workforce.

    That's what you get when you plan a model structure of defence on the cheap.

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  5. I seem to recall this happened with my bro; his answer was on the lines of "Hahahahahahahahaha HA!
  6. I think the big fall down is the bit where the powers that be think they can lean on the TA and as the CLF says 'regularly' see them on ops, exs and other activities with the Regs...

    Will employers let their employees go for this secondary activity?

    Will there be an immediate uptake int his offer, which dwindles rapidly?
  7. i realise that those who vol to take the redundancies may wish to vol again for the ta/reserve and fair play to them but what about those that did not.

    men/women with 12yrs service and more that wanted to complete their 22yrs are now told you are no longer needed,those are the ones i am talking about

  8. The TA do get paid, not 100% sure how much it is, but cash is cash. It's also a chance to try something new, which i'm looking forward to. I'm out on T3.
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  9. Given how happy a lot of my mates are to have got redundancy I should imagine that the TA will get the same answer from a lot of them.