Cleveland Plod Really In The Brown & Smelly

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

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  2. And presumably you base that on other cases that have gone pear shaped, not just this one.

    I hope that is the case, as I'd hate to label you as a knee jerking type.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    No, it's on the basis of the gross misconduct on the Chief Constable and his deputy. It would never happen in Kent 8)

  4. No it bloody well wouldn't.

    By all means go after a Solicitor, they are no more or less liable to commit offences than any other section of Society.

    But, by all that's Holy, do try and ensure you have some reliable bloody evidence first!

    Ch Insp Riordan sounds like a complete and utter Throbber!
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  5. For a force of its diminutive size, it has had more than its fair share of crises. Everything from the Ray Mallon saga, through various controversial and very large payouts, the recent sacking of its Chief Constable for deceit and misconduct and now the current problem.

    I have no reason other than supposition to think this, but it displays all the signs of the kind of old-school police force where most things were decided in the lodge.
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  6. Failing schools can be subject to 'special measures'. Does the Home Office have anything similar for failing police forces?
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  7. Yes. Similar to an Ofsted inspection, every police force is subject to a periodic inspection by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary. Police officers become aware when an inspection is due as everywhere starts to smell of new paint and they are told by senior officers that they must know the force objectives and the 'mission statement' by heart.

    In the case of Cleveland Constabulary, they should just be absorbed by a larger force.
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  8. I've said it on other threads, but it bears repeating on here: there is good reason to believe (and this is further evidence of it, IMHO) that our public sector - Defence included - is subject to a widespread failure of accountability.

    I'm sure there are many factors behind this state of affairs - not least of which is that the mechanisms by which Rt Hon members of Parliament are themselves (supposedly) held to account have been substantially dismantled in my lifetime. If the anointed 'leaders' of our society are effectively untouchable, why on earth should we expect them to be scrupulous in supervising the agencies for which they are - nominally - responsible?
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  9. So, are all lawyers 'clean and sober', and 'whiter than the driven snow?' The current case in Cleveland excluded. Even in the Bible, 2000 years ago, lawyers were called 'Nest of Vipers'... so in the law industry, does anything really change. An ex-lawyer once told me that some of largest law firms in the City of London, that they are amongst some the biggest scumbags....... all is alleged and no lawyers were harmed in the construction of this 'blah'....
  10. Presumably 'Free and' Freer has retired? He used to be the go-to solicitor for criminals in Middlesbrough.

    Sean Price's (The CC who was fired) wife - DCI Heather Eastwood - has resigned from Cleveland plod after N. York Police arrested her on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

    Disgraced police chief's detective wife quits after being arrested on drunk and disorderly charge | Mail Online

    I had relatives on the force back in the days when Mickey Finn was Head of the Regional Crime Squad. Hard bastards but good coppers.
  11. Wrong. The late John Allen, Chair of a Ramsgate Residents Association, cited a number of maliciously obtained warrants to Jack Straw as part of successfully arguing for a change of Police Complaints law.

    Remember the conviction of Pc Hills for breaking a handcuffed prisoner neck ? There was first a complaint via John Allen about domestic assault on his partner. This was refused crime complaint by Thanet senior officers. So his partner's father asked them to turn a blind eye and he would punch the living daylights out of Hills.

    Oh no if you do that you will be arrested.

    So there was a crime complaint of assault and it was refused. With that complaint from his partner and her father was a complaint of substance abuse. Ignored. It was then that Hills was obliged to return to work from sick leave and then he broke the prisoner neck.

    The next complaint in that case, via John, was that on duty officers were intimidating Hills partner into not coming forward with evidence in the Hills case. IE Not dobbing in the Thanet senior officers. Again Kent Chief constable refused crime complaint and conduct complaint status. And again it was reported to Home Secretary. But also to presiding Judge Giles Rooke sitting on the Hills case.

    The Judges clerk forwarded the complaint to Chief constable for reply direct to complainants. Chiefie elected the silence of the common criminal.

    Next episode was the Pc Bluestone family murder. And the Chief constable appointed the Thanet Police commander to investigate why assault complaints against Bluestone had not been properly recorded when he was a Thanet Pc.

    Reports by complainants were sent direct to the HM Coroner in the Bluestone family case informing him of the Pc Hills history and that the senior officer who had refused crime complaints against Hills was the same officer appointed to investigate why Bluestone had escaped crime complaints in the same command. And HM Coroner was informed if that senior officer gave evidence at inquest then the inquest would be subjected to appeal for irregulaity of proceedings (S 13 Coroners Act 1988)

    At some point we became aware that Thanet police might be seeking a warrant against the father of Pc Hills partner. Remember this was after a number of malicious warrant raids had been reported to Home Secretary. So a report was sent to Thanet Magistrates that it was anticipated that an application for warrant would be made and setting out the reasons Justices should be aware it would be a malicious application.

    One allegedly malicious warrant raid was on Bill True neighbour to 6th Thanet Gun range. 16 officers searched his house but what they were taking was the ammo evidence he had recovered from his own land re 6th Thanet gun range. They did not get all that evidence and some bags were handed into police via Thanet District Council so as to act as a record.

    You may recall that Supt George Rogers of Thanet was suddenly exchange posted with Australia. And in his absence Thanet Police was subjected to HMI inspection ? And Supt Rogers never regained command of Thanet ?

    And you may recall the instant departure without notice of Kent Chief constable in 2003 ? At the time Gen De Chasterlain was in touch with NI Office about his Good Friday Agreement terms of reference with a view to investigating Kent Police history of firearms cert issues and activity at 6th Thanet Gun range and Stone Lodge Range Dartford.

    If Kent Police have cleaned their act up it is because people like John Allen and myself spent a lot of time kicking their arses.
  12. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I bet you cast no shadow and your farts smell of roses.
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  13. What's a shadow?
  14. They tend to look like this:


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