Really? My girlfriend's in London with me. Don't think she's been anywhere your little hole! Or should I say loose hole, given the amount of "activity" that you must've had to turn into such a bitter, twisted man.
I having read through his posts in the NAAFI bar, I am not sure that "man" is the operative word.
I think somebody has logged onto Mummy's computer.
Actually, I am starting to believe that his posts are a cry for help.
Anyway, I am going to leave him to his one-handed typing, life is most definitely too short to consider the matter any further.
bernoulli said:
...I am going to leave him to his one-handed typing...
I never really considered ARRSE a left-handed website if you know what I mean. Yuk. That's worse than our vetting officer's "pregnant **** pensioners prison garden party" DVD. (only joking BTW) :(

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