Clerk of Works run our jobs

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Make_it_fit, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Is it me or has every task we've done for the last god knows how many years been designed or supervised by a clerk of works? Surley they have the say on what we do as a Corps? Lets face it even our bridge abutments are designed by Chilwell. God bless 'em I say. :)
  2. well personally speaking pal i have just had to work out all the cable sizing & stores requirements for upcoming jobs because the conehead we have is (M) & not (E).

    far above my pay band.
  3. Coneheads! Dont get me started!

    The hardback (with CD) Reader's Digest DIY Manual is probably more well as being fully understandable..

    And at least what's written in there is stuck to rigourously, not changed for the Nth time seemingly daily..

  4. So, the penny's finally dropped, has it?

    Keeps us both in a job, but to be fair, the Clk Wks doesn't have the say on what is done in the Corps (beyond the recommendations in the Options Appraisal), rather, how it is done.

    Is it really necessary to burden onesself with more than the aforementioned training pamphlet and the latest copy of the Screwfix catalogue? Anything more is just the icing on the cake. Got to leave something for the PQE.

    Just how difficult is it to wire up the Xmas tree lights? Two months lead-in and you're worrying about the 2ft gap between the plug and the socket! Just wait until you have to find out which bulb is faulty.
  5. exactly................. why can't he do the CNUTS himself then :x :x :x :x

    PS. BULBS go in the ground in the spring/autumn 8O 8O 8O 8O
  6. Well said mate, lamps go in light fittings not bulbs.

  7. I'm guessing you can't spell "luminaire" then. :)
  8. I can, but i can rely on people like you to ask the question. :):)

  9. no, just keeping it at base leve for you "CONEHEADS" 8O :D 8O :D
  10. True, you should always deliver the message with the lowest common denominator in mind. (That's usually me).
  11. That's better than the course notes for the C course :wink:

    (Cs, you know I love ya really, but mechanical Gods are better :D )
  12. Mechanical, the most theoretical discipline going. Far too much maths going on just to prove you need a larger radiator in a room!