Clerk of Works required for work in Afghan

Guys i am an ex RLC warrant officer, only got out a month ago and i am now working in Kandahar in Afghan, the money is very good, my employer is now after a clerk of works and he wants and ex warrant officer or SSgt for work starting in Jan, the pay is VERY good, life insurance and medical insurance paid for, flights,hotels etc paid for, i work a 3 month on 1 month off rotation for tax exempt reasons. if you are just coming out of service and fancy it PM me, if you do fancy it get your security clearence sorted now as it takes a little time, nearly fell foul of that one myself.
I know that there are contractors looking for all project/contract managers and trades, Design trades in particular. E&M is in demand, a good electrician (17th edition) can ask up to and over £80k tax free. A Clk Wks or GE could command a six figure salary, Even good general roster management type could get decent position. Whatever trade group you are from CMT to Recourses Spec you could double if not treble your current salary.

However it’s not all a bed of roses, you have to work long hours and expose yourself to all the dangers which you can normally associate with a place like Afghanistan. Living conditions are comparable to those experienced by the military but with less actual support if things went dramatically wrong ie the increased salary is in line with the additional RISK.

Also you need a fall back position as working in any remote/austere region is only good for 3 to 4 years possible moving from contractor to contractor, eventually you may need to return to a real job. Its not for everyone you need to be flexible, motivated and its a face fits place.

If you need an unbiased view and more detail on any of the contractors or type of work you can expect and are actually interested in making the leap, PM me.

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