Clerk of Works PAYBACK

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Priam, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. A little birdie told me that the the powers that be are backsliding on the rather LARGE pay award received by some of the CoW.

    Are they taking it back or just cutting it back to what it was before?

    Fess up who owes/gained the most?
  3. Some of our Tiffys have been told they will have to pay it back.
  4. Heard a little more today... 8O

    No wonder you lot don't want to talk about it!! :oops:

    Is anybody fighting it?
  5. The Corps is having enough problems keeping hold of Clk Wks as it is. I'm sure if Glasogow insisted that if all the back pay people had received because Glasogow had fcuked had to be paid back I can see mass sign offs happening. Besides keeping the pay increase or bonus could be a recruitment incentive. I'm sure Construction wise 12 have to pass a year for the next couple of years at least just to keep the roster up to the current manning level. A couple of grand might encourage a few more to apply for the courses.
  6. As I understand it, the issue of paying back the £? Grand has not been decided but they are dropping their daily pay by £??.

    Retention does not appear in the vocabulary of the lesser spotted bean counter.

    I believe this mainly effects blokes who are still time barred from their "RE Queue Jumping Course :) " so the effects of voting with your feet will not be felt for a while!

    Had to put a little dig in its in the rules for us General Roster types.

    Given my time again...looking at their quals and job opportunities...

    I would stay a Knocker :)
  7. The queue jumping thing does make me laugh. Clk Wks are on a completly seperate roster to everybody else (less Geo) and are not stealing any Tp SSgt/WO2 FE, Armd or C3S slots, SSM or WO1 posts so why the bitterness?
  8. no bitterness just banter like how all you pie eaters cant do your job and any B3 Spr straight out of the factory can operate a little digger better than you.
  9. No idea on whether it'll be paid back but is this one of those little "glitches" they said would be inevitable with pay 2000? At least this one only took about 4 years to surface and hasn't impacted on the lives of any of the Officer Corps! Bet nothing like this happens when we introduce P2K to JPA?!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think it matters who the victims of the c*/k up were, why should people have to pay for the incompetence of the system that caused it in the forst place?
  10. You are going to have to try harder than that to get a bite.
  11. But we'd genuinely be stuffed without them. I cant see why, for once in the history of immense cOckups by 'the system' that they cant just write it off as lesson learnt. JPA is round the corner sat there waiting to trip up those who it can.. Going onto that with 'pay issues' outstanding at the higher levels courtesy of Glasgow is just asking for it all to go pearshaped..

    I think I shall have a hug a Clerk of Works day tomorrow. 8O

    Then ask 'em how the old pay packet is... :twisted:
  12. I didn't write that they are on a seperate planet! I think their pay packet should be fine as it's only them and MPFs at SSgt who get higher band pay!
  13. i agree with you on this one P_L, we all know that you need to attend the cse otherwise you would never be able to knock down all the formwork/walls or clip the overhead wires with the backo 8O :D 8O :D
  14. You fieldies need some work to rather than sitting in the G10 all day. It's backhoe, not backho. You are Scottish so therefore don't speak the Queens English.