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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by REgards, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have a definitive answer on why some cow's are getting paid as two pay bands higher than others? (including myself). Is everyone on the hallowed roster due to get this? Any info would be much appreciated as my pay office is fcuk all help, cheers
  2. Have a look on the REME thread about Tiffy pay its all in there but try to filter out the posts with "apparently" or "allegedly".

    As a REME bod I have been advantaged by this, it seems that there was a cock up with the way in which my qualification and promotion was part 2 ordered.

    I believe that those that have been advantaged will keep theri money but will mark time through the pay bands until is right as they have been paid in good faith (a loop hole that says that those who have been paid extra and have made it aware to higher authority can keep it after being told it is ok). Those that haven't received anything probably wont as they haven't been disadvantaged. (Remember that you are paid correctly so you are getting whats right as opposed to being advantaged).

    Its a cack answer to someone who hasn't got the sponds but I believe that thats pretty much it.
  3. First I've heard of it and I'm definately not getting any extra. Must be one of those things where they covertly alter TACOS for guys newly qualified (a la dropping the time bar from 4 to 3 years for the new but not the old)

    Just another way of fecking people over. :evil:

    [pen moves closer to dotted line]
  4. FAR TOO MUCH :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. Surely there's no such thing for men of our calibre :wink: :D

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  8. More CoW bashing mate ????

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  10. I suppose we could always give them a tool box and see what they make of it. :):)

  11. i am guessing here BUT maybe after three days or so they may conclude that it is a metal box THAT needs to be moved half an inch to the left 8O 8O 8O 8O
  12. Probably after they had already moved it 1" to the right, realised they had the plans upside down, moved it back, painted the box red then changed their minds and painted it back to green. :):):)

  13. Back to the original question...

    I have heard of and spoken to a couple of Clk Wks who have been paid the extra but most of them haven't been told why they got the extra money or that they will have to mark time for two years.

    This rumour has been getting more and more twisted since I first heard about it in Iraq a few months ago. I understand that a few high ranking officers at career road shows have been avoiding the question and I've also heard that the whole thing should have been covered up but its all out in the open now.

    Like yourselves I haven't got any hard information but will be checking my pay statement next week......
  14. you know that you are never going to get your pay statement next week fella don't you???? try three weeks time, glad to see you back by the way.