Clerk knowledge needed

Discussion about war pensions on another thread has thrown up the need for a clerk to supply the form number.

When injured there is a form supposed to be filled by the individual, confirmed by the Sqn/Coy/Bty OC, the MO and the CO of the unit. Mine are somewhere in the roofspace. So to save ruining one fo my ceilings tracking them down can a clerk please supply the form number?

Way back in my memory banks I seem to recall it being called a "MOD Form 298" (I remember filling one out when I broke my ankle), until it was superceded by a computer generated procedure.
I can't remember having to use any forms but I do remember the computer system. They tried to bring it in the late 90s and it was a pain in the **** to use. It must have been binned cos I've never seen it again.
The form is MOD 2000, the instructions on how to fill it out are in JSP 442. Don't know where you get an electronic copy from, but those are the references.
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