Cleric, was it Suicide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by otterlygreat, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. A Cambridge University cleric under investigation for sex offences died at home after apparently being asphyxiated, police sources said.

    The Reverend Ian Thompson, Dean of Chapel at Komgs College, died at his house in great Shelford.

    The clergyman, born in Glasgow, was being investigated for crimes in the Strathclyde area of Scotland.


    I often wonder when I see on the news of unexplained death or suicide if it was abuse victims getting revenge, thought this was a good one again, seems to happen from time to time.
  2. This is probably just a case of a freak wank gone horribly wrong, AKA 'The Hutchence'.
  3. or the "Caradine Shuffle"
  4. Could be. It's one of those cases where you don't know whether you're comin' or goin', according to the comic genius George Carlin, bless him.

  5. It looked like an interesting thread until I saw who posted it. You wouldn't happen to be the same guy currently being vilified in cocks and nobbers would you???? Having read some of your drivel I suspect it will be a long running debate.

  6. Could be, found in a mask or what have you, or could be it was made to look that way, bit odd thats all
  7. Dear Otters,

    You've managed to make such a total cünt of yourself within your scant 40 or so posts, that you'll never be taken seriously on this website again. The best thing for you to do is to fück off, permanently.

  8. To the hole Mods, this is not current affairs, and is still under investigation.
  9. I picked the story up on ceefax, page 332
  10. I thought the 'under investigation' line was only taboo if referring to incidents involving servicemen?
  11. Ceefax Page 332 is Football section you tw@.

    And yes, I admit, I checked.
  12. just booted out of chat for being a total throbber. this guy really is incredibly annoying and quite sad really.
  13. And he's now complaining about it in the N0bbers thread.
  14. Ceefax Page 332 is Football section you tw@.

    Sorry, fair one there, teletext, get confused between the two