Cleric compares Blair to Hitler

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PluckyBrit, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Read the rest at the BBC story

    I'm not the biggest fan of some of Blair's decisions, but comparing him to Hitler is a bit over the top. Blair and his cabinet have done everything possible to say that only a tiny fraction of muslims support terrorism.

    However, what I find most interesting about this story is:
    The support for that statement certainly reads like a massive case of denial on behalf of those 4000 people.
    (I don't know the full background to the situation - maybe he is popular for other reasons and so they are willing to ignore the statement?)

    Anyway, seeing as Dr Naseem has invoked Godwin's law, perhaps a further comparison between them and the holocaust deniers is appropriate?
  2. I don't think that David Irving is up to another civil court case...
  3. It's only a matter of time Dr. Naseem. Please keep talking.
  4. There are probably a number of reasons of why many Muslims supported Dr Naseem. However it has to be said that many Muslims just do not like the MP Khalid Mahmood for numerous reasons.

    So I think many of the votes of support were intended to be more of a slap in the face for Mahmood, than any real support for Dr Naseem.

    Naseem is just a rather embarrassing buffoon, I wouldn't put him the league of zealots of such as Bakri and Butt but I think it's time that the Trustees of Birmingham central mosque quietly retired the guy for the sake of Muslims throughout the UK.
  5. The thing is though when are the people of this country going to stop moaning about it and actually start doing something about it !?
    We have people living in this country teaching hate about us 8O Yet if they were preaching in the street the majority of people would walk past them and not do a thing.I've had enough of it stop moaning about it and do something about it!
  6. Not least because of serious allegations about him , and/or his relatives in the past.
  7. They are nothing like each other Hitler had a moustache for a start
  8. It should be said that Mr Mahmood was found not to be PERSONALLY involved in the activities, concerning the allegations and prosecutions over electoral fraud. Other allegations about the conduct of associates close to Mr Mahmood and Mr Mahmood himself are of course untrue and are the work of extremists, out to destroy the good name of Mr Mahmood and other members of the Labour party, who have done so much for the peoples of Birmingham.

    On a personal note I think it is completely possible for 20 people to live in a derlict house - it just takes good scheduling and excellent management.

    I for one can not wait until he becomes a junior minister in the governemnt! :p
  9. PluckyBrit's comments strike a chord.

    Whether that is true or not. Blair has no way of knowing, he just hopes so.

    The amount of rubbish from apologists suggests spiritual support is strong. 'Doctor' (is that a first name for Muslims?) Naseem and his flock
    are just the sort of irrational fools who cause hitherto tolerant, accommodating and patient people to consider our spiritual home in 1920’s Munich.
  10. Mohammed Naseem is a Medical Doctor and did you not read the other posts concerning the Naseem and Mohammed spat ? :roll:
  11. You're well informed on matters in Talibanistan Minor Castlereagh. But the allegations I was referring to , are the other ones ;)

    Electoral fraud? Surely not, whoever heard of such a thing :)
  12. This is more like it muslim bitching about muslim ,seeing who can out islam the other.
  13. When you ask if I read the other posts, do you mean this bit castlereagh?

    You think, know or hope? Like Blair and his 'decent majority', you don't know.

    Doctor Naseem may well be a medical doctor (and a cleric). He does not appear to have the intelligence required of the former. It is not just suicide bombers who are inviting hatred of their communities, religion and 'race'.
  14. No one can ever be 100% sure about anything. Just as you can't be 100% sure either about the motivations of Naseem's 'supporters'. However I can based on information that I have garnered through personal contacts, the media and other mediums make a personal assumption on the motivations of 'Naseem's Supporters' - Therefore the use of the phrase 'I think'.
    What's your assumption based on?

    Deconstructionism and Relativism - who thought that would ever happen on Arrse ?
  15. Castlereagh, you assume I know which assumption you refer to.

    1. Doctor Naseem is a fool?

    2. His flock do themselves no favours?

    Unless the press have misrepresented him and his flock (and that is possible) there is enough evidence there for a conclusion, not just an assumption. He is however correct in saying that "these are dangerous times".