Clegg: Success in Afghanistan still hangs in the balance

Clegg: Success in Afghanistan still hangs in the balance

CALL FOR SUPPORT: LibDem leader Nick Clegg praised the bravery and achievements of the truly remarkable' British troops on his visit to the Helmand province of Afghanistan.
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg reflects on his recent visit to Afghanistan where he witnessed, first hand, the work of Scottish troops stationed there.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to see at first hand the work of Scotland's brave servicemen and women in Afghanistan. The way they, along with troops from across Britain, are helping to build a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is truly remarkable.

You cannot help but admire even the simple achievement of building camps and bases in the hostile environment of Helmand province, where it reaches 50C in the summer, and -25C in the winter. But that's just the beginning: more than 7000 of Britain's troops are out there, day in and day out, putting their lives on the line.
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Nick who?
Who wants to see some politician when they're out there? Why don't they give us royalties when we get back. Instead of some sales assistant who sells phones or TVs getting paid more.

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