Clegg headed for the slurry tank???

Linky bad and cannot find anything on BBC web pages.
It's disgusting. As a Libdem he should try it on with a few blokes for balance. Either that or defect to the Tories.
Obviously the timing of this has fuck all to do with next Thursday's by-election which, if the LDs lose (after holding the place for 20 years) will likely presage their complete annihilation further down the line. Heh. One partner in a 'Coalition' spreading the shit about the other, when it's not turned out how they hoped and dreamed. How ironic.


"Let's take our coffees upstairs." "I was only married a week and on my best behaviour." "His hands wandered down our backs to places they should not have been."

Pure class. With lines like that, he could be French.
Never mind all that, what about the headline on The Sun today? Shock revelation by Ant and Dec, "We took drugs and voted Tory".

But nothing about them being Geordie cunts?
A heuo ddrain, na fid droednoeth.
According to Google translate that means "A soweth thorns, or barefoot bid".

I think it loses something (well, everything) in the translation. One can only hope you were being filthy, we do have standards to maintain on here you know. Just saying like.
The man's a disgrace, if he had thought it through properly he'd have employed a top grade satsuma. a belt and a rent boy.

You can tell he's not a Tory.
Would I be totally wrong in thinking that sexual depravity was part of the job description for a politician?

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