Clegg finally names his price

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Hardly surprising - the Limp Debs have supported Labour before (as the Liberal party in the Lib/Lab pact) - I can't see Clegg getting into No 10, Mandelson would declare itself Queen before that happened.
  2. Vote Lib Dems... get Peter Mandleson. Simple equation.
  3. He will sell his soul to get his feet under the cabinet table
  4. Great point from which to start haggling tho'. Good skills.
  5. Madelson will sell a seat in Number 10 to Clegg if it means he still gets to pull the puppet strings.
    I agree with you that its no surprise, I wonder if this will gain him a huge chunk of the Labour supporting electorate?
    Hopefully it will cost him all the would be Conservative voters that have been considering him as an option.

    It puts an end to his claim to be something different, it just proves he is another grubby little self serving politician.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    A bit of an unnecessary blunder by Clegg; the man of change and the 'new politics' can now be presented as a pre-emptive chancer in the old mould and no doubt will be by gleeful spin machines.

    Nor I can't see the one-eyed wonder being as commited to a Labour future that doesn't include him. I bet the Labour high command give each other funny looks at the next gathering as they try to work out who's playing Von Stauffenberg. I wouldn't like to be a Labour candidate talking to the press for the next few days - every session's going to be a loyalty test and this opens up a very difficult line of questioning - "would you stand by Gordon in the event of a hung parliament".

    I think DC's crew will be the happiest at this news.
  7. Clegg is getting cocky, the votes are very far from being in the bag, and he is already presuming that he will come second in the vote!

    There is going to be a very serious egg on face moment on May 7th i think!
  8. Ideally I'd like a Conservative majority, an agreeable second best would be a Conservative and Liberal Democrat alliance. Can't find the story now but I was reading an article that suggested Cameron as PM with the Conservatives taking the MoD and Foreign Office as those were the areas the Liberal Democrats seemed the most woolly on, Clegg as Deputy PM and they divvy up the rest of the departments between them. Aside from issues like Trident and foreign affairs it's interesting how near a number of their policies are.
  9. My thoughts exactly when I read the article. He appears to be dictating terms before a vote has been cast and it may turn many against him. Mind you, I can't fault his reasonong for saying Brown should not PM if Labour come third - I'd imagine that will really cause divisions withing Labour.

    Cameron's point is a fair one - with PR, the Lib Dems will be 'king makers' whenever there is a close vote between Labour and Conservatives. Bingo, always in Government!

    Personally I'd be happy to see the Liberals as the second biggest party, and I want to see fairer boundries in the FPTP system. I'd hate the country to become one like some in Europe where almost every Government is a coalition of divided interests.
  10. He's got my vote, not that it will count for much where I am :)
  11. Do you know what...? Historically I've been a Tory voter, but this time round their arrogance that they believe that it's a "Done thing" has really pisssed me off, and the Reason's are twofold.

    Firstly, IMHO they have yet to really lay out there stall and itemise exactly what they plan to do, and how and with what knock on effects. At present it's all just to vague and much is only alluded to.

    Secondly, and of the most annoyance, is the fact that our "Local" Ward Tory candidate lives some 60 miles away, or more to the point, 1 hour and 22 minutes closer to London....!

    To that end my Cross has been etched into the Lib Dem box on the postal ballot paper.

    - I have long been of the opinion that a Trident replacement is a fcuking wastse of money.

    - The idea of the Income tax threshold being raised to £10k is also a logical move that will also be of benefit to both my working daughters.

    - And Lottery Jackpots aside, the £2-million mansion tax will never, ever, effect me or anybody in my family.

    The Tories arrogance done it for me and to be honest I also firmly believe that we, the country, needs a good long breal from both Labour and the Conservatives.
  12. If you vote Lib Lab or Con you are voting for the EU dictatorship and the death of England as a sovereign country. If you support the EU you are a traitor. Simples.
  13. Take off your blinker's and you'll see that what you are saying happened along time ago.

    The country is destitute and we are just one short step ahead of the PIIGS. So nothing that any of the political parties can do will ever change any of it. Other than rescuing our economy, Europe is not going to go away.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    We've been here before and come back. Despite the fact that the issues don't fit into ten second sound bites and our journos are generally too ignorant, too lazy or too scared to develop more thoughtful and longer pieces, each of the three major parties is offering a distinct choice on some fundamental issues. To say that they're all the same and a plague on them is intellectually lazy.

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