Cleft lip and palate reason for failing entry requirements?


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A good friend's son has been bounced back on his application because of a cleft lip and palate.

Reason given was they wouldn't be able to wear the GSR. As a qualified CBRN-I who used to fit them, I recall several lads with same who had no issues.

Anyone heard of this as a justified reason?
Sounds a bit off to me. I'm not sure how it could be an issue since the seal is above the eyebrows and below the chin. Hopefully some med type on here has some policy on this.
Does it still have the inbuilt straw thing for liquids? Could that be an issue?


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They do but you'd think if it was going down that route they'd test them on one.

Still. Capita. So we can park common sense.
maybe nothing to do with capita but with the specs they have been given from the MoD


Why would anyone age 16+ not have a corrected cleft lip/palate?

Probably none of my business but i thought they were all corrected at a very young age, assuming they are born UK?


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So the phrase 'likely' is abit loose and fast there. Would be better if 'can be proven'.

Ah well. Cheers mate!

Also let's never defend Capita. We're above that. :D

Is this a treated or untreated case?