Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by mrwilky, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there has done the 14 day CP course that is run by Clearwater as I have been looking at the website and doing a bit of research about them. It seems to me they charge a fortune for a 14 day course and only teach enough to get you an SIA licence and thats it. Please correct me if im wrong and hopefuly someout there will ahve some positive feed back on them, I just dont want to waste my ressettlement. Many thanks guys :?
  2. Don't bother mate unless you have a guaranteed job at the end you are wasting your time and resettlement grant.Most firms will only employ you if you have an infantry background even then some will only consider ex airborne or SF.
  3. Check your Pm's matey.. :wink:
  4. dance with the devil. Cheers for that pm mate much appreciated.

    can anyone else out there recomend them or not as the case may be
  5. I would suggest posting your query on other sites such as CPUK/Security Oracle or even 'working the doors' for example as this has a wider/global audience in the field of expertise, plus there are many mil-ex mil to gain better knowledge,

    Agree with MV as unless you are/have some form of Infantry background the best companies will not touch you (but 'NOT' in all cases)

    Also firms to consider & MSI Morrigans Solutions International

    Good luck either way friend