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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Just caught this on the BBC news;

    Soames eats babies

    Well, not exactly baby eating but it appears this is deemed to be of such importance that an investigation needs to be launched.

    Long and short of the story is Nicholas Soames MP was pictured by some hunt saboteurs on New Years day riding on a quad bike.....on a public road...god forbid!!!!

    Waste of time and rations.
  2. Didn't the fat git die? Or did they try and hunt the tubby piece of shite down and flog his arrse as lard?

    MDN wasn't there with lollipops then.
  3. Obviously a slow news day. I mean you can't have hospitals burning down, volcanoes erupting, political violence and unrest, murder etc... every day of the week, can you? :wink:
  4. hunting on a quad bike seems slightly chavish to me, unless he is following a hill pack of course?
  5. Bet the Bolshevik Broadcasting Communists are the only so-called news agency to bother publishing this.
  6. I thought it was a 2 wheeled motor cycle that required headgear. He is clearly riding a quad.

    Where on earth would you find seat belts in a trailer ?

    It is clearly a case of mischief.
  7. Is this the same Fatty Soames who ate the entire guard box in Mjrkonjikgrad?
  8. This story came hot on the heels of the one where the 7 year old girl was killed whilst riding her quad behind her fathers car (pillock). The fact that fatty soames was carrying children on his quad has made the story more sensational. That and the fact that it's a very slow news week of course.
  9. Storm in a teacup. Saw the news report on BBC TV. Lots of hand-wringing and righteous indignation expressed by reporter because some quad bikes are capable of reaching 40 mph. Comparison drawn with recent case of unsupervised 7-year old girl who was killed in collision with car while driving Christmas present quad bike (with another driven by her ten-year old brother) unsupervised behind parents' vehicle on public road at night. No concession made for fact that quad bike driven by Soames was puttering along in broad daylight as part of a stewarded stream of hunt-followers while struggling to tow a trailer containing around half a dozen individuals. As far as I could tell, they were only on the road to cross from one field to another. Soames has since apologised for his error.

    The situation would have been much more hazardous if Soames had been driving a pony and trap because a pony can be spooked. However, this would have been legal and far less sensational as a news story.
  10. This was on 'South Today', the BBC's trotskyite mouthpiece for our area, in which Nick Soames' 'behaviour' was described by the agenda-peddling journalist as "disgusting".

    Thank goodness the police are looking into the matter - it would be awful if the good people of the South weren't able to go about their usual business of knifing each other, taking drugs and stealing because of maniacs like Soames terrorising the neighbourhood with their quadbikes.

    We should be pleased that the children in the back of the trailer are having a childhood that involves being outdoors and taking perfectly acceptable risks - that way they will grow up to be useful members of society rather than sitting indoors all day playing computer games and growing up as litigious whingers who believe the world owes them a living.

    The time wasted investigating this 'offence' is a disgrace. No-one was hurt, it did not affect anyone else - at most, the local bobby should pop round and tell him not to do it again.
  11. Crikey F_C have you started reading the Daily Mail?

    Nothing surprises me about the police anymore, but I don't envy them. If they had told the unwashed hunt saboteurs to fcuk off and get a job they would be lambasted for it by the liberal press. I'm sure there's a quote in my drawer somewhere about rocks and hard places.
  12. I am sure that the Police have only reacted to the storm being whipped up by our bien pensant, state-sponsored propaganda machine that is the BBC, acting on information received from their agents in the League Against Cruel Sports (who now style themselves as 'hunt monitors' rather than 'saboteurs' - at my school that would have meant they were the ones responsible for handing out the foxes)..

    And no, I haven't started reading the Daily Mail, but I have found myself becoming strangely less tolerant of these people (well, to be fair, less tolerant of everybody really) as I get older.
  13. You sort of have to pity the poor sod at the Beeb who was tasked with making a new item out of this - actually, no you don't. It's about time more reporters told their editors to fcuk off when they table shite like this at the morning conference.

    2 points to add:

    1/. What is the point of riding a quad that does less than at least 40mph?
    2/. Nicholas Soames is pretty much the only reason left to vote Tory. He should be cherished, watered (Petrus, mostly) and fed - not irritated by BBC bollix.

    Here's a proper Soames story. When he was a kid, he sneaked into his grandfather's bedroom. Churchill was sitting up in bed with a whiskey and his red box.

    "Grandpapa, is it true that you are the greatest man who ever lived?" asked Soames.

    "Yes it is. Now buggar off!" came the reply.
  14. It wasn't just the Beeb. I see that the Torygraph wasted space on this non-story too.

    Thank goodness there were no such interfering nannies (ninnies?) around in my day to stop us climbing trees and building tree houses without safety harnesses, playing on climbing frames, swings and roundabouts without soft matting, racing soapboxes down steep hills without safety belts and crash helmets, messing about on home-made rafts without life jackets or train-spotting on unguarded level crossings. How did we all manage to survive? Perhaps it was because coping with these risks prepared us for life in the big bad world outside. Anyway, I'm glad my dad's sense of fun and adventure was more like that of ex-Army officer Nicholas Soames than some po-faced hunt saboteur.
  15. Soames is also one of the few MPs who actually give a s**t about the Forces. He's also one of the few who understands them.

    Looks like another case of Townies pontificating on Country ways.