Clearing out the garage

I'm selling all his as I need to clear out some room in the garage

MSR ZOID tent light weight with MSR Ground Hog stakes and MSR Footprint Protector. £80

Thermarest 3/4 Prolite sleeping mat. SOLD

Mammut Ajungilak Tundra 3 Seasons Sleeping bag £50

Softie 3 Merlin Sleeping Bag, very lightweight SOLD

MSR WhisperLite camping stove with windshield with gas canisters SOLD

MSR Titanium Mug/Kettle/Pot with lid SOLD

58 pattern mess tins and black plastic mug and water bottle,also 2x 1.5 ltr
water bottles. £10

2 person emergency "Bothy" shelter SOLD

2 Canoe sacks black £10

Garmin GPS60 with Handle bar mount.
A compass and whistle to go with the GPS £50

I'm now willing to take £180 for the rest of the stuff thats left.This Price inc P&P to mainland UK.

The Tent is a year old and has only been out in the Lake District once! There are no rips or tears in the Fabric it also come with the Footprint Protector and extra Ground hog stakes.
It's really easy to put up,and it's very versitle as you can use it with just the outer and poles as a low lying basher ( I would use a bivvi bag with this).
Or it it's hot and dry you can just use the inner flysheet.

It is extremely light I think is weights around 1.5kg or just over 3lb,it's even lighter with just the outer and poles!

It's Olive green in color with a red base.

If you want some photo's let me know and I'll send them to your email addy.


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