Clearing out the filing cabinet......

Discussion in 'REME' started by RCEME, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. 22 yrs and my OCD has taken it's toll on the filing cabinet, but it's proved the thermal cut-out works on my shredder. Found these badgers stashed away at the back (note: they might be slow to download)...

    Introduction to Recruit Training (Jan 1988)

    Joining Instructions for the REME Recruit

    Rates of Pay (Apr 1988)

    My favourite quote so far, taken from the Joining Instructions for the REME Recruit.......doesn't it all sound so civilised, not quite how I remember :lol: :

  2. Still got one from Oct 89 - daily rate of £10.16 a day.

    Memories of bags of 50p pieces!!
  3. When you received those 50p pieces did you sign for it and say,"Pay correct sir!" Then salute, about turn and march back up the corridor, like the rest of us PMC Jeeps(90C). We had one guy who kept tick-tocking, took him 20 mins to get paid.
    As for clearing out the filing cabinet in work, I found an old NBC Survive to Fight booklet with a squaddy wearing an S6 respirator and holding an SLR on the front cover, those drinking drills were hardcore then!
  4. MOC 411

    Many thanks for taking the time to scan and post. Brought back a few memories (Normandy 10!). Quite a few of us are out this year and I will be using them badgers at their 22 year dine outs....
  5. To think i signed for 9 for all of that extra money a week!
    Get in.
    Nice post MOC
  6. Certainly did, we used to hide around the corner and wait for the guy with a stutter to get paid.
    "Get it again..."
    ASM now!

  7. Me too.....I figured that the extra money would pay for a PVR at the 3 yr point if I decided to sack it. :wink:
  8. Remember Autumn 87 doing the pay parades in Rowcroft with Burma 7, and into SEME brings back some memories.