Clearing a Weapon

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Help01, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    I was asked the question (why you should not clear a weapon in a building) I have always been told not too from when I joint, is this a rule or something someone did not like people doing and that’s been the nom from then?

  2. Your question is as bone as most of the others you have posted.......which incidentally the answers to are contained in any one of a number of freely available military manuals.

    Who/what are you? You are clearly not serving ......

    Are you a cadet?
  3. Thanks you,

    But some of the Reg's i have asked just say you don't but not why, witch say to me they don't know them self?

    All i'm aksking is WHY?
    No i'm not a cadet.

    And i only asked three questions so far, And got the TI

  4. Not considered asking someone in the TA then? or is your entire unit uninformed and useless?

    I'll humour you.

    In a nutshell you should clear a weapon prior to entering a building first of all and therefore there should be no need to have to clear it when you are inside.

    When collecting it from the armoury etc you should also clear it outside and the simple reason is that Negligent Discharges are by nature unexpected and a complete fcuking surprise to the person holding the weapon.

    In order to minimise the risks from these unexpected and pretty fcuking dangerous emissions from the dodgy end of the weapon it would make sense to have the ND outside, with the weapon pointing in a safe direction (remember that one too?), where there are potentially less people to kill and certainly where there is minimal risk of ricochets.
  5. English is not his first it?
  6. E-Layer,

    Thank you for the answer.
  7. Same applies to Bivouacs and vehicles for the same reasons.
  8. Normal safety precautions are to be carried out:

    a. At the beginning and end of every lesson, practice or range period.
    b. Immediately on returning to barracks, bivouac or operational base and on completion of any patrol or duty.

    I believe all this is in RED in Pam 5.

    But it is true idiots tend to let off rounds (ND) when they least expect it. Hence why there are Loading/UnLoading bays outside Armoury's and Guard Rooms all over the world.

    I once met a LCpl in the Pioneers who managed to ND twice in 2 minutes when he went to hand in his pistol to the Armourer.

    Managed to put a hole in a locker and a dent in the Armoury floor.

    One very relieved Armourer, one very idiotic Pioneer.......