Cleared car bomb Dr ok to practice and live in Birmingham??


War Hero

Would you wana work with this guy or be treated by him? The Gov't consider him a threat to national security.. but he's cleared and allowed to live in Birmingham and go back to work in the NHS as a Doctor. wtf :? 8O

Could he not practice in Cuba??? :twisted:

If he was working in same place as me, i'd prob chin the fcuker! :evil:

is it me.. or has someone in Gov't lost the plot????? :? 8O :wink:

I give up.. and consider why i should bother staying in the UK once i qualify in my healthcare course. :roll: we're a joke all over the world. Oz or NZ sounds great at the moment 8)
I understand your frustration completely. However, he should be allowed to practice in Birmingham, because:

1) He was cleared (I mention this in order to pretend to be impartial :twisted: )
2) You will know where he lives, should life get you down a bit, and therefore require to chin him to cheer yourself up.
3) MI5 can keep an eye on him so much easier, and breaking into his surgery to plant bugs is so much easier than doing the same to his home.
4) You know who he is, so you can avoid being treated by him.
5) Birmingham has a variety of cherry-picker plant-hire establishments, should you require to utilise the Iranian option.

I am sure other people can add to this list.
He may have been cleared in court, but this guy knew full well what his colleague's intentions were, and he did nothing about it by not telling the authorities.

He needs repatriation.


He was cleared & you have the choice who you are treated by :idea:

If enough people refuse to be treated by him, what hospital would keep someone on their par roll and get no return for their money :?

Its not as if he'a a politician :D
Another fine day in Wonderland! :crazy:


Innocent I tell you!

No doubt people will avoid his practice. If he was to do anything else, no doubt MI5 will be watching him 24/7.

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