Cleared 9/11 suspect eligible for compensation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Not a good week for HMG then.

    Must say though that unlike the Jihadist Walts downloading questionable stuff this bloke appears to have had his life ruined for nothing. Apart from being an Algerian pilot in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    A pilot accused of training the September 11 hijackers has been given the right to claim compensation for wrongful imprisonment by the Court of Appeal.

    Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian, was arrested at his home in west London 10 days after the attacks, accused of being the main instructor for the four pilots.

    He was released after seven days but re-arrested and held for four-and-a-half months on an extradition warrant issued at the request of the United States government.

    Mr Raissi, 33, trained at the same flight school as Hani Hanjour, the man suspected of crashing Flight 77 into the Pentagon

    But he has since been cleared of any involvement in the attacks after the US failed to produce any evidence against him.

    His application for compensation had been rejected by the Home Secretary and the High Court, but the Court of Appeal today ruled he had valid grounds for a claim.

    "The public labelling of the appellant as a terrorist by the authorities in this country, and particularly by the CPS, over a period of many months has had and continues to have, so it is said, a devastating effect on his life and on his health," Lord Justice Hooper ruled.

    "He considers that, unless he receives a public acknowledgement that he is not a terrorist, he will be unable to get his life back together again."

    Lord Justice Hooper added: "We have allowed his appeal ordering that the appellant's application for compensation be referred back to the Home Secretary for reconsideration in the light of this judgment."

    Mr Raissi said he "wept with relief" when he heard the judgement. "I have always said that I believed in British justice and I finally got it today," he said outside court.

    "Surely I can expect to hear from the Home Secretary with the long-awaited apology very soon."

    He said his wrongful arrest had ruined his life and left him blacklisted as a pilot and unable to work. "They destroyed my life, they destroyed my career. "For this I will never, ever forgive them."

    Commenting on the ruling, the Ministry of Justice said: "We are considering the implications and whether or not to appeal."

    Mr Raissi was the only man to be arrested in this country accused of playing a part in the mass murders of September 11. "
  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    fairs fair to him. The yanks trawled everything and everywhere and can't find a thing so he's probably innocent and now had his livelihood taken away from him. Time to stump up his yearly earnings x 50 or whatever..
  3. Hope he gets his apology as soon as, he certainly deserves it. Not sure on the compensation though, he's already been paid by the Americans. Assuming that was quite a hefty wedge, he shouldn't be paid for loss of earnings twice over.
  4. The Home Secretary should issue a declaration apologising to this man for what this country put him through. Accountability is everything and this statement should be out today!
    It's not ok to label people as a terrorist, take away their liberty, their reputation and their livelihood leading to a loss of their home and ability to work, threaten them with extradition to the USA for execution and simply say 'oh well there you go, shit happens'
    I hope that this man gets financially compensated properly for the financial and personal nightmare he and his family have been wrongly put through and importantly, the official apology he so badly needs.
  5. This is precisely why the Gobmint should not be allowed to push through stupid laws giving more power to hold suspects without judicial review.
    this gentleman was falsely (one assumes) accused with not a shred of evidence. The official apology should be swift. The amount of compensation can be considered in due course.
  6. Don't forget to take the four and a half months worth of food and accomodation charges off his compensation though.

    Oh and that the has to pay the top rate of tax on it as it is unearned income. What else? Oh yeah he is an Algerian working here, or rather not working here so perhaps his reason for being in the UK are now void so he can go home.

    I am sure that the government can make his life even worse than being held in nick if he pushes this.

    He should think himself lucky that he wasn't just handed over to the USA as soon as he was arrested, he would have spent the last 6 years in Cuba otherwise.
  7. So fear should rule then? A government that allows its departments to become an unaccountable force of fear and vindictive and oppressive intimidation then makes itself the enemy of justice and mercy and therefore of its people.
    An innocent man should surely have nothing to fear speaking and acting within the law in this country. The moment this ceases to be the case then the government makes itself the enemy of its own people.
  8. All of the things I put in my post have happened to innocent people who have been wrongly arrested/imprisoned/exradited by our wonderful government.

    Maybe not the Cuba bit but everything else, taking food and accom charges out of compensation is the best one :roll
  9. I seem to recall at the time Mr Raissi was arrested,one of his relatives who worked at Heathrow was also arrested,but released after a short period.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    if the govt wants to use "wide scale arrest em all and lets sort it all out later" legislation, it should at least have a compensation side ready to go. You can't take take take without being prepared to give something back when you fck up. Otherwise we're all in the clink and nobody is safe.
  11. This is a Govt that authorized the phone tap surveillance of a survivor of a rail crash, who's only offence was to start a rail safety campaign.

    I hope this chap takes the gobment to the cleaners. Not for the first time Labour introduce anti-terrorist legislation which is later used for other purposes.

    Stalinist t*ssers.

    I bet Labour MPs never expected to get surveilled when they were passing through reams of legislation designed to take away our hard earned liberties.

    Tis the only aspect of all this that makes me smile.
  12. Hnnnnhhh? :roll:

    Full marks for lack of insight and perception there! Know who your enemies are - if you don't, you're a liability...
  13. F*ck him... should have stayed in Algeria.

    Got to admit it's a bit of a strange co-incidence him going to the States like that.

    If I was a suspicious sort I'd say he wants to quit while he's behind.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Wasn't that his missus - who tried on a compo claim for £150,000 and got it rejected.

  15. Throw enough mud at the wall and some of it's bound to stick!
    Innocent is as innocent does