Clearance to drive from UK to Germany on AT?

A bunch of us are booked onto a level 4 Paragliding course at the alpine training centre in Bavaria.

When I went to book the vehicle with the civvy MT bloke he chucked it back at me stating that I needed clearance from HQ Germany (!) to drive an MT vehicle over there.

What is he talking about, or is he talking utter b0ll0x?

I should point out I'm Army but this is an RAF Station.


Correct SDC or equivaent on your FMT and completion of the Europe Tick Test should see you right. The MT bloke will be the one who has the Tick Test
Matrix test and an up to date FMT600 with the matrix test dates and expiry dates on it.

Don't think HQ Germany really need to know your driving on their turf, surely that is down to your MT to sort out?
To drive from Germany to the UK you are required to get diplomatic clearance (usually from Div HQ through the relevant GTO) to travel through the Low Countries & France.

The relevant direction is in Standing Orders for the British Army Germany SOBAG(S) (for German based troops)

I would imagine you require the same clearance coming the other way and as has been pointed out you require to sit a matrix test and it annotated on you FMT 600

But as you are working with the RAF just ignore every regulation as standard :wink:
I've got the FMT600 endorsements already - just need to figure out who the hell I need to speak to here to sort the clearances. I love the RAF, it's always a fun experience working with them.


Might also be that if you are getting a Hire vehicle that there may be a restriction on taking it out of UK. Just needs to be sorted.

Have you tried a direct contact with the AHPA - they have a BF(G) rep who may be able to advise, or your Bde or Div PAT staff?
You have to get to Wertach.

There are buses that leave every other weekend from Uk to Wertach for AT.

Otherwise optuions are MT (you tried and failed)
Air and Hire Car (but wait a minute you don't need any tick test!)
Train - Completely ridiculous and much more exopensive than Fly /Drive.
It is a no brainer for your unit AT man!! Make them do the work
Many thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

It is now sorted.

Clearance from 5 Div HQ + Joining Instructions=Minibus from recalcitrant civvy MT bloke.

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