Clearance Level for AMS? (SC / CTC ?)

Evening All,

Just a quickie regarding security clearance levels. Was RN quite some time ago and now a middle aged bored and single Dad about to embark on the Medical Student / Uni type thing later this year (Mid Life crisis?).

I had looked into RN Reserves and holyyyyyyyyyy Jesus: SC Financial questionnaire I had from UKSV was nothing short of Novel sized. Basically I cant fill it out because I genuinely don't know the answer myself to most of it as Company history takes a while to catch up via HMRC and accountants and what not! (Company owner in process of winding it down - far too much financial detail history for SC Level for me to complete). Just not ideal at all.

Anyway back to Medical a nutshell is Reservist Army Medical Service also SC level or is it a basic CTC check? I don't ever remember filling in anything anywhere near as painful as an SC form like that one back in the day.

Any light that could be shed would be much appreciated. I do have other options for on the side whilst studying type work but fancied spicing it up a bit from the overly mundane crappy stuff.


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