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  1. i was meant to do my BARB about a month ago but there was a power failure at my afco! i did it last week (delay was because i was on holiday).

    the SGT took my height/weight etc, if your bmi is under 28 your fine. i am 25.89.

    ive had quite a few people pm and ask if i am fat etc and asking my opinion if they will get in. i dont know why though?

    anyway this is just to answer you all.
  2. I thought it was between 18 and 25? 8O
  3. Im sure anything over 25 is classed as overweight. could be wrong...
  4. well that topic went down like a lead balloon.
  5. Yep- between 18 and 24 is considered Normal weight, 25 is slightly over weight.
    I personally don't like those BMI charts. I could be 5'9'', in perfect health, go to the gym 4 days a week, weigh 11st and they'll say im overweight. Bull.
  6. no your fine to join if your bmi is under 28. i think 25-30 is overweight....30+ is obese and 35+ is severely obese, and you should technically have died from clogged up veins etc.
  7. too right sappagirl, i'm with you there. It's funny how we're still using a medical guide devised in the victorian times lol
  8. BMI is a load of rubbish to be fair.

    The only thing it's good for measuring is your bog standard man/woman, who does no training, who eats the normal crap and does the normal everyday jobs.

    If you get a guy with a bit of muscle on him, he will be obese on the BMI scale, when it is simply and obviously bull.
  9. private---pile, its been a while since I was active on these forums. BMI isn't a good indication, get a body fat percentage test, but until then your still going to be know as a fat knacker ;)
  10. The bmi isn't all that bad, Even though you say that your over but go to the gym etc. They do take it into consideration if your full od muscle
  11. When i used to do bodybuilding, i knew people who were considered morbidly obese, when they had about 10% bodyfat lol.

    They couldn't get health insurance because their BMI was considered awful, even when they knew they were not unhealthy at all, anything but!
  12. Ive had my BMI checked and im 26.42 im 5'8 and 13 stone.

    BUT, and the big BUT is i am muscly as i weight train, and according to the BMI im overweight so how the hell do they work that out.
  13. BMI is a load of bollox!!!!

    Johnny Wilkinson is classed as obese.

    He's probably one of the most fittest blokes in the world.
  14. when you do your medical and they do your BMI and it is higher than expected e.g because you do weight training you go on to do further tests for body fat levels and Muscle % etc
  15. I never did that, but you can see that i do weight training as im well toned and muscly :D :D