clear evidence of the agility and flexibility of the ROCKS

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jaybee2786, Apr 13, 2010.

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    No 1 RAF FP Wing at Bastion Joint Operating Base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, have been providing support to Op MOSHTARAK, the combined British, Afghan and US Forces Operation to secure the areas of Nad E Ali and Marjah from Insurgent influence.

    As well as providing Force Protection for the Area of Operations around Bastion Joint Operating Base, denying Insurgents the opportunity to attack the busy airfield or the aircraft using it, the Wg have been providing depth protection for the area bordering the Green Zone and Nad E Ali.

    They have been providing Force Protection to the helicopter infiltration routes into the area of Op MOSHTARAK and a Quick Reaction Force should one have been required. Specifically, 3 Sqn RAF Regiment have been dominating potential Insurgent Firing Points, denying them the opportunity to fire on helicopters inserting troops into the Nad E Ali and Marjah area.

    Concurrently, 3 Sqn have provided depth Force Protection for No 1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup while they have been conducting sustainment Operations in support of Op MOSHTARAK.

    The tasks they have been conducting in support of convoys have been Counter-IED (detecting and preventing Insurgents placing devices), Counter-Indirect Fire (IDF) (denying Insurgents rocket and mortar firing points), overwatch of convoys and Intelligence Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) using the 3 Sqn Sniper Section.

    Wing Commander Mick Smeath, Officer Commanding No 1 RAF Force Protection Wing, was in command during the support to Op MOSHTARAK. He said “Op MOSHTARAK has been a testing time for the Wing, but specifically for 3 Sqn RAF Regiment.

    The defence of UK air assets has been critical to ensuring they had the freedom of manoeuvre required to support land forces during all phases of the Operation. Moreover, the Sqn has also provided depth Force Protection along the ground lines of communication, in order to allow No 1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup to conduct sustainment Operations to the Green Zone and Nad E Ali. This contribution is clear evidence of the agility and flexibility of an RAF Force Protection Wing.”
  2. Well done, Rocks. 8)
  3. Good job they're under Army command eh? :wink:
  4. As long as they are doing a good job who gives a shoite :D
  5. Not me.
  6. Nobody

    As long as they learn from it.

    Half a century of playing soldiers is bad for any cap badge.

    Daner is that this op goes down in triba history as "unique", and that becomes the excuse for reverting to bad habits.

    Army units guilty of it time after time in my (Army) time
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Big Up for the Short Range Desert Group :)
  8. Is that fkn puma on its way? I've been waiting at Blue 04 since 1984.
  9. Still doing bomb disposal as well I assume? My, aren't your lot busy out there.
  10. '....agility and flexibility of the rocks.......'

    Its almost homo-erotic. Are you lithe and supple as well?
  11. What does "providing depth force protection for No 1 Royal Welsh BG" actually mean? To me it reads as if they are doing what was called guarding the lines of communication.

    Not a dig at the SRDG, just a question.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Well done and all that, but did any one else read between the lines and see...

    FP around Bastion (your job - well done)....depth protection (ie on the edges looking in).....overwatch (ie on the edges looking in)....denying firing points (ie driving around and looking at areas on the edges)....

    I have no doubt the request for a battle honour is already in the post. :D
  13. Barrier goes up.......barrier comes back down again. Well done that man!
  14. get over yourselves LOL
  15. Meanwhile in other breaking news, the Andrew is hoping for a pat on the back for "Sailing up and down on the oggin".