Clear, concise reporting and the requirement for plain, correct English.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. For some of our potential applicants who seem bemused at the requirement for English language skills, I thought I might provide an example. One may be required to conduct an investigation into an alleged incident, and then convey what happened in clear, concise terms.

    As illustrated by the following article (shamelessly reproduced from this thread ), a report should provide a clear indication of what happened.

    Obviously, having read the below article, one will feel a little disappointed with a key spelling error. The author writes that somebody was "cited" instead of "sighted", which unfortunately detracts from the quality of the overall report.


    I think some could learn a thing or two from our Ugandan journalist friend. :)
  2. That is fucking brilliant. Superb, really.
  3. i know. you just don't see too many SI reports with phrases like "downloading his sperms in my butt" or "anaconda-like whoppers" any more... :grin:
  4. You have just failed your report writing CR. Cited might not necessarily be a spelling mistake, his hermer like behaviour being illegal in such an enlightened neigbourhood has obviously caused him to be "summoned before a court of law". I would suggest you go back to A3.

    Edited for sausage fingers.
  5. and THAT is what leapt out at you?

    you've changed :)
  6. aaah but if you take 'cited' in the context used, I suspect CR was correct! Away you go and join the rems at the back!
  7. Was this an SIB report about Cyprus?
  8. No, RAF P&SS.

    Bigbird, I didn't take in that context - it reads to me that he had been summonsed on 20 January and he wanders around dressed like some parachuting old tart. No offence like.
  9. Bollox....he legged it from court and has since been 'sighted' in Entebbe, despite hiding under a cap/hood. The fact he legged it from the cells would imply he'd already been 'cited' on or before the 18th Oct when he was arrested, not on 20th of January when he was 'sighted' shuffling around Entebbe dressed like an old tart! See?? No offence taken :D
  10. Yeah, yeah, whatever you say!