Cleaning your medal!

Discussion in 'Medals' started by bigsouth1981, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Just got my medal for op telic 2 yesterday, and its got a few tarnish marks on it, brownish in colour. What is the best thing to clean it up with, as it comes with a little slip of paper that says dont use abrasive cleaners such as Brasso. Yesterday someone said vinegar brings the tarnish off a treat, anyone else heard this?

  2. send it back and demand a nice shiny one :wink:
  3. Cillit Bang! :D
  4. Seriously use a pencil eraser!!

    Works a treat.
  5. Christ it took two years to get this one im not waiting any longer!

  6. Think yourself lucky,...... it took my Dad nearly fifty years to get his! :roll:
  7. is cillit bang an abrasive?
  8. Brillo pad and warm water.
  9. :lol: Pencil Eraser gets my vote.
  10. Did Charlie say "I thankyou on behalf of a greatful nation for what you have done and i hope my two sons can go on to follow in your footsteps in serving the country" by any chance???
  11. Try Goddards Silver Polish, if its good enough for HRH Queenie Windsor its must be the DBs.
  12. 50 years for a telic medal what is he timecop
  13. Just tried vinegar, dosnt work although you might have to soak it. Also tried a rubber but it was one of those sh1tty ones on the end of a pencil and that didnt work either!, any other suggestions???
  14. Email The Mint thru their website.. they'll have an answer... maybe...
  15. It's a brownish colour due to the temperature used in the striking process. One good going over with a bit of Brasso or Silvo (which is not abrasive) should do the trick - followed by a good wash in warm soapy water to remove any white residue left amongst the detailed areas. Medals only get damaged if you're constantly polishing them with coarse cloths and abrasive polish/cleaner. One good go and then store in a non-damp place and job's a good 'un.