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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Ok what's the rules with regards to weapons signing for and cleaning of?

    I was sat in the drill hall minding my business on a break(along with everyone else) when I spied two recruits cleaning 8 odd A2's, I wander over to ask why they had so many and before I know it a staffie or WO2(no shirt on but recognise from somewhere) appears and orders me to assist - He's not my unit or training team so not even in my CoC? but what the heck. Turns out the 2 recruits had been on a range weekend along with some seniors and officers and that they had been ordered to clean all the weapons. Maybe a good reason but it strikes me as a bit on the jack side? Leaving recruits to clean all gats while the officers etc disapeared back to their respective squadrons. Recruits didn't know any better and just did as they were told, I was told it wasn't as a punishment. No we didn't remove gas parts, file down the firing pins etc.

    Will bitching help or should I just keep schtum. Mentioned it to some JNCO's from my unit but nada. Just seems a bit unfair???
  2. They get paid for it don't they? And it's practice in learning to clean the weapons. But personally I'd rather clean my own weapon.
  3. How jack is that? Good job it wasn't me or they would have been 'modified' to cause ND's :D
  4. TA_sig

    At least they'll get cleaned properly! (Seniors or officers would probably break them anyway.) :lol: Orders are orders - so crack on and get them clean. Did anyone esle see them cleaning them on their own? No one offer to give them a hand??? The quicker they're done the quicker you can all scoot to the bar!

    Not too sure what the score at a TA armoury is - posibility of shared weapons? But in the regs a personal weapon was so called for a reason. Wouldn't want anyone messing about with mine - that's for me to break!

    Don't fook about with anyone's gats, even for revenge; you'll probably end up getting it allocated to you or the armourer will get in a huff!

  5. Unless there's a very good excuse I see no reason why officers and seniors shouldn't clean their own weapons... apart from anything else its jack on the lads not to. There are times when other duties take an officer or senior away but this should be the exception IMHO... apart from anything else you miss the opportunity to sit and talk with your soldiers.
  6. Aye it just seemed to be a bad example to set for the recruits. Orders is orders, exactly why I did it. One other volunteered to help so we got them done double quick time.. The armoury accepted them anyway, never mess with a rifle since although you may be bitter it could be fatal.

    Armoury wise I think there's enough for everyone to have one (depends on sqn strength), if not more.. Hmm these weapons may have been someone elses personal weapon, we do have our names against them after all, and the inspection was cursory if that - someone may get upset later about that one.

    Guess it's the same as cleaning weapons in vehicles, it's not really meant to be done but if ordered to you're going to do it (get home quick, don't piss off the NCOs).
  7. Individual weapon = Individual responsibility

    Crew served weapon = crew resonsibility

    This scenario is simply poor leadership and freaking idle.
  8. That's becuase SNCOs have never cleaned weapons before, isn't it?

    You arrse.
  9. Damn right,

    Whats worse, for me weapon cleaning is a mundane task at the best of times, but you clean your own weapon spotless regardless, however after 1 or two rifles i think we can say the lesson of how to clean one has sunk in far enough to know that getting pinged for cleaning someone elses rifle is just a measure of how flaming idle the owner of the rifle is.

    Hardly a good lesson in personal pride when you get a recruit to clean your kit, but a valuable lesson from the off that there are people out there that draw a wage off the labour of others and are quite willing to exploit it ;)

    Tough call fella, personnally i wouldnt go whingeing about it, you will get labelled for it, but just bear it in mind for when you go a bit further up the line and try not to repeat the actions of some of your illustrious leaders ;)
  10. name and shame. Sadly it goes on in my unit but thankfully the SQ put his foot down and if you fire it, you clean it.
  11. Come back further south TA_sig , you know you want to
  12. Utterly jack - in my unit people like this are called 'pandas' - they eat, shoot and leave.

    That said orders is orders.
  13. Simply not on, jack attitude and will give the impression anyone can do it if they outrank you.

    Thankfully all our officers know they will not get their weapons cleaned by anyone else and that is what the travelling time back from the ex or range is for. If I found out about this I would have had a word with the officers and the seniors would just get abuse but it woudl never happen as for us it is a matter or personal and regimental pride we are all Riflemen (from Field Marshal down) so we are responsible for our own rifles!
  14. Yes.
    Two recruits with somewhat diminished respect for SNCOs and Officers.
    They'll probably leave if they get much more of it.
    If they stay & get to be SNCOs or Officers, they'll probably do it to recruits.

    It would never have happened in the TA/army I once knew. You'd only have got a personal weapon off one of the SNCOs if you killed him first.
  15. I must admit that the driver gets his weapon cleaned here but there is no order to make this happen it is just understood. He can't clean it while he's driving and everyone would rather get home earlier than later.

    I think it dicking someone to clean your weapon because you out rank them and cannot be arrsed is unspeakably slack! I have never seen it happen though.

    I am a bit shocked to be honest.