Cleaning solvents for firearms

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stayangry, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Does the Army issue any type of solvent to assist with cleaning firearms, or is it still all flanellette, oil and wire brishes?

    I've been experimenting with commercial solvents for a while now and can recommend three:

    Forrests Bore Foam - An expanding foam in a spray can. Direct the nozzle into the rifle barrel, press the spray button and foam fills the barrel. Wait 30 mins and wipe out. Removes copper and powder fouling.

    Tetra metal and plastic solvent - An ammonia based gel. For getting metal fouling out of the barrel it is the absolute Badgers Nadgers, but remember to wear gloves when handling it. Takes about 10 mins to leave your bore gleaming.

    009 - The classic. Rubbish for barrels but OK for gettuing gunk off other parts.

    Well worth a trip to your local gunsmith.

  2. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but I'll stick with the issue oil. That way I can't be in the shit if the gat falls apart in my hands. Especially as I'd get the "you should know better" lecture.

    Or I could go on just swapping the dirty parts for clean ones :)
  3. You get to take over half an hour to clean your gats?
    Christ, we got screamed at if we took longer than 5 minutes :eek:.
  4. The bore foam is very good and needn't take that long. If you spray it in first, then clean everything else you can just pull the barrel through last.
  5. I dunno I prefer the pullthrough+oil cleaning method.
    That way you can laugh at the ones that have used far too much oil, when their firing results in miniature clouds of smoke above their heads :p .
  6. At Warminster on PCBC. I was very amused to to see the DS producing the devil's own brew "JENOLITE" at endex. :D
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I've seen your sort of unit, the ones with gopping weapons and gopping field admin...

    You'll know us, we're the ones with nice shiny metal barrels and scratched SUSATS wondering around with half a handguard in our pockets because we keep unscrewing those screws that shouldn't be unscrewed.
  8. wot choo wanna do m8 iz get wun ov doze swan vester matchiz, an spit on ve gas plug and rub the match in da groov an use a bit of boot pollish on da butt an stok ov yer SLR mayt, works wundaz it duz
  9. ya man, in tha hood we lyk, dun need to clean aar peezes lyk, at all man, even tho we'z doin drivebyz xD
  10. If you would like to speak to me, please do me the courtecy of straightening the Harp and Crown on your caubeen, its a bit wonky, there's a good chap... :D
  11. Don't mention the "c" word, he'll be back in here :D
  12. I heard if you say his name 5 times while looking in the mirror, he'll appear in your bedroom at midnight and start quoting in Latin... :wink:
  13. Oh my, the very thought of a return of the dreaded "c" has made me have a turn...I feel I simply must have a Bombay Saphire and tonic to steady me nerves prior to supper, stuffed quails with a cheeky Muscadet, followed by venison a la marmalade, accompanied by a rather splendid Rioja Gran Reserva ('96, the fruit almosts bursts from the bottle)**, with cheese and Dow's to finish, prior to coffee and Armagnac...


    edited to add..** Nota Bene, 96 was a very good year, and if you have any left, you must imbibe it this summer/autumn, fot 'twill not last another year in the bottle, and its tounge tingling mastery will be lost for ever...
  14. Can I pop round to your place for dinner then? I'll clean all your guns!
  15. certainly, would you mind popping to the shoppes for the ingredients? trifle tricky, but the bank seems to have lost a rather large cheque I banked last week...