Cleaning service for marchouts

Nice site. Some comments:

. Home page appears to lack a company name. Is it 'march out services'?
. You state that you 'support H4H' but have not taken the opportunity to declare the nature of that support.
. Some of the English is slightly clumsy: 'Asides from that..', missing apostrphe in 'won't', missing colon, sentence starting with And, title of company might better be in title case (ie, March Out Services), you interchangably use 'march out' and 'marchout'...
. 'we are present at all of our marchout cleans' - well, I would hope you would be!
. You offer services to civilian properties but this is not reflected in your price scheme.
. etc
Looks Good. You talk about a 100% pass rate. Do you have aworking relationship / endorsement from DHE (whatever they are calling themselves now). It might aid you in getting business and help them. I know that they tend to not endorse anyone but some form of understanding might be useful. If it exists put it on the website. Good luck!
Doesn't the Estate Warden's wife normally have the monopoly on quarter cleaning?

Not that I am suggesting any form of nepotism, of course.


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