Cleaning No.1 Uniform


I seek the collective wisdom of Arrse,

I have recently gained a set of Infantry pattern No.1 Dress uniform of a sadly now deceased regiment, with the intention of converting it to a current pattern. The previous owner must have of had a good time in this uniform which really could do with a bloody good clean.

I am not close to any facilities to get the uniform cleaned through the system. Is it possible to get them dry cleaned at any civvie dry cleaner without ruining the uniform?
Are you insane? What on earth led you to believe that it might even be possible to take it to a normal civilian dry cleaner?

Number 1 Dress uniforms are made of "military wool", sending it into a civvie dry cleaner would completely ruin the uniform and possibly tear open a portal into the underworld, unleashing an angry horde of demons, who would unleash their wrath upon the world.

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