cleaning nirex folders

Other than alcohol wipes, which I don't have to hand, is there anything else I can use to clean my folder?
If youhave written on the plastic pages with permanent marker, then a simple pencil eraser should do the trick, just keep rubbing 'til its all gone
Duraglit metal polish does the trick nicely.
Thanks guys, thankfully I have both those items to hand. Cheers.
Scribble over the permanent pen with a non-permanent pen and it will come of with a quick wipe ;)

I also used to keep a small tub of nail varnish remover pads in my bergen for cleaning my orders a treat and if you are man enough, you can even deflect most of the piss takes too :lol:
Of course, I never mark maps or write orders down in the field. I simply consign everything to memory in the 5 seconds before the message self-distructs.
Amazingly the only thing that's actually taking the bloody ink off is nail varnish remover.

Why I have that to hand, well that's up to you's to conclude.
tis written on the side of the brasso tin.
Cigarette ash and spit, if you're really stuck.
feu_de_joie said:
Issue insect repellant also works


Still want to nuke it from orbit, bastards ate me alive.......

not bitter and resentful.....wanders off to kill bugs

Edited for more hate of insects
Hungover this morning and decided to do a bit of gentle admin.

Scrounging some nail-polish remover from my better half, I came upon some little perfume tester atomiser thingies. Glass or plastic tube about two inches long and the thickness of a pencil.

Pull spray-pump mechanism off.
Tip vile-smelling contents away.
Refill with nail-polish remover.
Push spray-pump mechanism back on.
Holds a few ml and each squirt will easily clear an A6 page.
Ten to twelve squirts in a bottle.

This flash of inspiration was balanced out by me then struggling for five minutes trying to scrub a sketch-map from the wrong side of the page....
I left some nail varnish remover pads in one of the sleeves once and when I came to get my folder about a month later they had seriously destroyed every page in it. They had not melted through any just left a weird circle pattern on every page. Still have it somewhere

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