Cleaning medals

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Some w@nker has used braso on my telic medal and is looking a bit grubby so how do a go about cleaning it?
  2. Brasso?
  3. silver dip!!! dont use abrasive polish
  4. Try using a rubber.

    Stationary type not the ones in the small foil bags.
  5. i find they scratch the surface!!! i tried it on a small part of the back of my afghan medal and it marred it
  6. Or even stationery. :)
  7. One of them too :oops:
  8. Dogshit and chewing gum, let us know how you get on?
  9. Go for the distressed metal look.
    a. you can look like an old and bold, or
    b. young turk that can give a f@@k
  10. To be fair mate I have always used Brasso on my medals, less the Balkan ones and although the telic one always comes up a little darker than the others they have always been great. I'd go with it and rub harder with the soft cloth to buff the polish off.

    Works for me anyway...
  11. Silver dip or a silver cloth all i ever used
  12. Maybe if you cleaned it yourself in the first place.........
  13. reason i wouldnt use brasso is its extreamly abrasive!!! it will smooth the medal and the detail will be lost!! silverdip will leave a like new finish!!!
  14. I find it easier to simply go on another tour and get the guy who mounts them all to give them a good clean.
  15. Sedentary?