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Cleaning medals



Wee_Jock_Poopong said:
Try using a rubber.

Stationary type not the ones in the small foil bags.
i find they scratch the surface!!! i tried it on a small part of the back of my afghan medal and it marred it
To be fair mate I have always used Brasso on my medals, less the Balkan ones and although the telic one always comes up a little darker than the others they have always been great. I'd go with it and rub harder with the soft cloth to buff the polish off.

Works for me anyway...


reason i wouldnt use brasso is its extreamly abrasive!!! it will smooth the medal and the detail will be lost!! silverdip will leave a like new finish!!!
I have to say that I would be interested in how you do actually clean them all without getting ribbons dirty. I only had one for 8 years which was manageable but now all of a sudden I have seven and it is a real pain to clean them all properly and keep the ribbons clean

Has anyone got a good (and sensible) way of doing it?
Silvo and smoth cloth - works everytime. To prevent ribbons becoming trashed with silvo, protect by a cutting strips of plastic card to size (ideal material is the safety cards found on aircraft!). Sounds a bit Blue Peterish, however in this day and age of multiple gongs, it's the way forward.

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