Cleaning Gortex

Hi I have aGortex waterproof, that is smelling very musty due to storage. Any suggestions on the best way to remove the smell.



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You can always try soaking it in bleach then giving it in a boil wash, that should get rid of the musty smell.
onceyou have cleaned the gortex at 40 deg with detergent it should be ironed to restore the waterproof efficiency, use a cool iron. no sh*t check out the care label.
Thanks Guys, much appreciated. And yes, there is a cleqaning label, just couldn't see it, must get my eyes checked.


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Too dirty to read ?
Nope, more liKe too thick to find!

Typically, I looked everywhere except where the label was!!!!

Must try harded in future.

Still, it;s nice to know that no matter what the question, there is someone on ARRSE who knows the answer.

Again, thanks guys.

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