Cleaning gongs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by down_under, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. I am certain this has been done before, but there are 91 pages alone in this Forum alone and I have tried to search, so please bear with me. My gongs are looking worse for wear in the shiny department, what with lager spillage etc, so I am after a way to clean the bauble bit to bring them back to pre issue sparkle. There is nothing wrong with the riband itself, just the metal bits. They are court mounted too for want of more info. Basically what do people use that wear gongs a lot. Any help is appreciated.

  2. I use metal polish, not silvo as most would suggest. I just found metal polish easier to clean from the ribbons afterwards. It also does the cleaning pretty much for itself without taking the gilt off of the jubilee medal.

    just apply it leave it to dry (it will go white and crusty) and rub it off with a polishing cloth Job done.
  3. Be V.careful with the Brasso, or some places that do court mounting etc offer a polish and lacquer service. Never have to polish them again after that.
  4. Cheers fellas, is there a sugestion of a particular brand, or will any metal polish do? Also, yeah I am steering away from Brasso as it is particularly difficult to remove if applied mongishly.
  5. ill need to check, its issued over here but it is an off the shelf number.

    ill get back to you.
  6. I use a silver cleaning cloth. There is no liquid to have to clean up and leaves no residue on the medal or ribbon. The golden jubilee medal shouldn't be cleaned too vigourously as the gilt will be rubbed off.

    I've used this brand in th past to great effect:

  7. May sound odd (and I didn't believe it at first myself) but I use a rubber (eraser) on mine - perhaps not as good a polish but it avoids spillage.
  8. but it has to be the white plastic type!
  9. i go with the rubber for cleaning, no mess on the ribbon at all
  10. Concur on the rubber, did it on Saturday last before my trip to Sneckie to Remember our Glorious Dead....
  11. Yep a rubber is the way to go. No danger of soiling the ribbon and you can do the clasps as well.

    Easy peasy job.

    Edited to add - only for real medals of course, UN and NATO chocolate ones don't need cleaning.
  12. Agree rubber for bars and edges, i then use a cotton bud dipped in brasso to clean the face of the medal.
  13. A rubber eh? Will put that to the test as soon as I have hit the submit button...
  14. Thought it might have been a gee up, but have used the erasor and has done the job, albeit as good as it can without getting in between the raised areas. :thumright:
    Cheers for the tips fellas.
  15. My Rhodesia medal seems to be a kind of Staybrite thing. GSM in shit order as usual. What are the new ones like?