Cleaning burgen and webbing

Title says it all really.

Just come back from exercise and burgen and webbing are in a hell of a state!

What's the best way of cleaning them?



Book Reviewer
Batman or Mess Steward. Failing that the wife.
Stiff brush


Pack everything into a hessian sack, (so the buckles dont smash the drum) and wash at 95 Deg C for 3 hours.

Still retained within the (somewhat smaller) Hessian sack, tumble dry for 125 mins at 65 Deg C.

You will now be able to pack your bergan and webbing into a 58 pattern large pack, hope this helps.


take them to your local car wash that have jet washes, pop in a couple of quid and crack on. Happy days...........just be careful not to loose them!
Take them into the bath with you when you drown yourself due to the shame of asking such a bone question.

Hope this helps.
The answer is simple, don't bother. Just give it a shake and a quick brush down.

In fact if you have to ask such a bone question you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near webbing.

Mark The Convict

Doesn't it rain a lot there? Just leave it outside, let it rinse off. It's not as though it'll be stolen by dingoes, is it now?
Never heard of a 'Burgen'. So can't help you there.

However if you meant 'Jürgen' then I've been told, that a stiff soapy scrub will suffice, before you both don brown shirts, and settle in for the evening listening to Hitler speeches.

If you meant 'Burger', they are not so much cleaned as 'polished off'.

Webbing on the other hand, well that's her problem. Once I've released my salty manfat all over it, I'm sure that there are some appropriate delicate cleaning products in ladies lingerie shops.

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