cleaning boots - help

I need advice in cleaning a pair of tracpac desert wellies. I've tried the usual nubuck sh1te and wire brush but nowt.

Before anyone gives me grief for not knowing how to keep my kit in order, a) I'm a civvy and b) I'm a cripple and c) I wear em cos they're comfy and give good ankle support - so I have a get-out clause. And I'm not gonna ask my ex-WO2 brother as he'll just rip the p1ss

My butler tells me that he uses a nail brush, a bit of Fairy and hot water to iget rid of stubborn stains like lipstick or red wine. Then he stuffs them with yesterday's Times and leaves them in the pantry overnight to dry. Don't use the Telegraph or any of the tabloids as, apparently, they're not absorbant enough. Hope that helps.

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