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Cleaning bayonet scabbard

Is this really a question about a "bayonet scabbard", or a euphemism for something else. Like your rectum for instance. If it is, don't be afraid to try the bleach, wire brush and pipe cleaner method, and let everyone know how it goes.
Bull it? Feck orf! Nylon brush the outside, rinse the inside with warm water, turn upside down and allow to drip dry. If you have the infantry type, as above but remember to lightly oil the metally bits.

Hang the feck on - this is the NAAFI not the QMs.

Stick it up your hoop until it reaches your prostate shake it like a basturd until you shoot your load, then lick it clean. repeat several times until eyes stop watering.

If you have any really long and thick bayonets, send them to me and I'll 'clean' them for you.
herbertuk said:
Can you bull the black scabbard to make it all nice and shiney ?

Any guardsmen out there ?
Reminds me of my Dad telling me he had an almighty bollocking for Blacking up his 37 pattern webbing with boot polish, to camouflage it when he were a sprog. He laughed about it THEN! :D

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