Cleaning a Mk 6 Helmet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PadsBrat, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Howdy folks.

    I use my Dad's issue helmet for various outdoor activities.
    He passed away a few years ago and I kind of want to keep it in good, original nick. So replacing things here and there is out of the question. (Although the helmet cover is ok, and I do replace that occasionally)
    Trouble is the interior. It's getting a little.... whiffy. I give it a good spray of anti-bacterial agent every so often, but that doesn't stop the smell.

    What is the best method for giving the leather padding a good clean? It doesn't seem to want to come out without a fight so I'm not trying.

    Any other tips on maintaining the helmet in general?

    Also, how the heck did you go about attaching it to your webbing when not using it? I've seen plenty photos of Dad and mates while on exercise and they have them some how attached so that their ammo pouch is covered by it.
  2. Put it on your head then repeatedly smash your face into a brick wall until clean.
  3. Nah, I'm sure that would hurt. Mk6 is mostly for looks, it's not functional. Much like Officers.
  4. Why would you need a helmet 'just for looks'? Are you a walt/cadet instructor?
  5. Ignore CQMS he hates people using "his" stores. I wouldn't remove the inner harness or padding as its a pig to get back in, just give it a wipe down with anti bac and let it dry .
    Some squaddies attach a ring at the back of the helmet where the straps meet, then attach that to a mini karabiner or similar over the ammo pouch.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Nah, what I mean is the Mk6 in general is just for show. Wouldn't stop a direct hit in a fire fight.

    Immensely, thank you.

    I met someone like CQMS once in Rheindahlen back when the RCT were resident. Grumpy fecker. I kinda got to think they were all like that.
  7. What "Various outdoor activities" require a military helmet?
  8. Airsoft mainly. Keeps the weight down, running around for 8 hours every Sunday. The helmet is extremely useful in stopping sore headshots. (And for camouflage when the cover is used properly)
  9. Go with CQMS's advice.
  10. Oh god no why have you gone and said that.....
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  11. Keeps the weight down compared to what - a brass diver's helmet?

    If you really want to cover your head, buy one of those cheap belgian plastic jobs - you really don't need a big lump of ballistic nylon to stop an airsoft pellet.
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  12. Is that like paintball or something?
  13. :yawnstretch:
  14. Good point. But those plastic jobs don't help when you whack your bonce off a thick tree branch or some ceiling fixture. It's saved me from some hefty knocks. As for the weight, I meant the exercise of running around, not the helmet itself.

    Similar yes, no paint though. Weapons are more accurate, have a longer range and can look and weigh the same as the real thing. There is a professional outfit (Systema) that produces various models which are used for training aids. Those weapons are somewhat expensive though.

    We get a lot of squaddies, active or in training, coming to play. Recently had some marines up, they're not as bad as some make out!
  15. I like boobs.