CLC Nesscliffe 2007?!

Hi, I'm Cpl. Hutchinson, NRGS CCF, just wondering if anyone else is on course 1, (the first week of easter holidays) and if so, whether they've heard any info on what may be going on there or anything like that. And just generally to introduce themselves for that novelty in the field, "You're Tom Graham?!?!?" etc etc...

1) Don't post on here. People like myself and a few others have really, really vile senses of humour, and its unsuitable for kids.

2) Go to Harry's Website , Its much better than arrse for Cadets. The ACF Section on here is really meant for ACF AI's.

This is my only nice post, after this it'll get vile :D

(I hope all you ACF AI's on here are really impressed by my level of maturity in dealing with this lad)

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