Clayton Wyatt. Own up.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Nutter

    This bloke has to be seen to be believed. He’s posted loads of YouTube 'interviews' claiming everything from MI5 pinching inventions he’s copywrited to squadrons of Apache 'stealth' helicopters tracking his every move. He had to move to Strasberg because of it!

    One of his youtube clips suggests that British Army 'stealth' Apaches; up to 32 of them tracked his every move 24 hours a day dating back to 1997. And the millimetric radar was aimed at him on purpose and has fcuked his head up and prevented him from breeding.

    I can see a couple of minor factual errors in his claims but I don’t suppose it matters to the likes of him.

    I think he used to live in the Hants/Wilts area prior to us launching this massive undercover campaign but he's since fecked off to a bedsit in France.

    Aint the internet great. It’s a place for mongs and nutters to feel important as opposed to back in the good old days where they'd just be slung in a secure mental unit for 50 years and cattle prodded on a daily basis.
  2. Ah, good old Clayton! I was wondering what had happened to him. In a previous post I used to have to deal with letters from the public, PQs, etc. Always used to look forward to receiving Mr Wyatt's latest ramblings.
  3. What a beauty!

    Website full of rambling lunacy is a wonder to behold.

    To think that in days gone by I would have to ride the bus for hours before someone like this sat down next to me.

    Stealth Apaches. Whenever one comes over everyone usually looks up and points, yelling "What the fcuk's that?"

    He hears voices at 110db, even when wearing ear-defenders whilst working on machinery kicking out 105db. He tells us (363 hits on his site!) that these voices are coming from the British Security Services; we all snigger and point out that it's more likely that they originate from the inside of his head.

    Can't wait to devote the rest of tomorrow's alloted work-time to trawling through this sh1t. Cheers Flashy!
  4. If you have any copies, it would be fun to share them with the arrse community. :D

    ....for novelty purposes only of course.... :wink:
  5. When you get a feeling for just how seriously these folks take themselves, and then realise there's just such a fückin' paper-hat in the White House ......

  6. I thought we did have stealth Apache Helicopters?...well you never see them fly, so I thought that was the reason.
  7. He should live next to RAF Odiham then he really would have helicopters overhead all the time :D
  8. My pleasure Flash. I'll set my minions to work digging through the files. :D
    Doesn't seem to work, I'm still being mentally tortured by the though of 3 more hours behind this desk
  10. People like Clayton, make life worth living because no matter how sh!te our lives are, his is worse.
  11. Clayton,
    The man, the myth. This should be linked to the NAAFI. Come on who is flying near him and frying his brain?
    I am now going to put tin foil on my head as I can hear an Apache.
    Or are they just night flying?
  12. Clayton Wyatt has clearly done us all a very big service for bringing the truth to our attention.

    We can now fully grasp the true reason why the AAC is incapable of supporting British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's not about underfunding, lack of equipment, undermanning, and so on and on...! They are simply conducting operations elsewhere, in France somewhere, it seems. But being a stealthy force, we're not quite sure where exactly.
  13. Look Tony another person you are trying to put down and bully will you never learn tututut
  14. I think his brother lives in Liverpool. he regularly accuses us of following him in our aircraft. :roll:
  15. Why do you get so excited by a tosser like this?